Fillings in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Mexico City

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Dental fillings in Mexico City are an inexpensive way of replacing your existing amalgam fillings, or having an emergency filling if you are visiting. Not only is the quality of materials as good as they are inNorth America, but you can save up to a third on the cost.

As dental fillings are relatively inexpensive compared to other dental treatments they may not be something you would consider booking a dental vacation for alone. However, it may be worth your while if you are already visiting Mexico City, or possibly if you are thinking of having all your amalgam fillings replaced, as the cumulative savings may be quite substantial.

Mexico Cityis a fantastic place to spend some time in and soak up the culture in its historic center featuring colonial architecture, or at the Aztec pyramids at Teotihuacan, just a short distance outside of the city.  Parks, museums, galleries, world-class restaurants and interesting neighborhoods assure visitors of a full program of activities for an interesting and enjoyable stay.

Why have Dental Fillings in Mexico City?

The health benefits of replacing amalgam fillings may be one reason for traveling to Mexico City, and replacing metal fillings with tooth-colored material will certainly look much better too.  At home, it may prove prohibitively expensive but may be within your reach price-wise in Mexico City.

There are a number of different materials which are used for dental fillings. However, your dentist in Mexico City uses quality materials – the same that are available and used by dentists in theUnited States andCanada, so you can be sure your fillings will not be of inferior quality.

Just as at home, there are good and not-so-good dentists around, which is why we recommend patients make sure they book an appointment with a quality-checked dentist. At Dental Departures we check our dentists training, qualifications and expertise, and visit all our clinics personally before we feature them on our website. This, along with our real patient reviews, should give you assurances that your dental treatment will be of a high-standard.

How long do Dental Filling Treatments take in Mexico City?

To a certain extent it will depend on what kind of filling you require as some are much larger and more difficult to do. Fillings are used to repair damage to your tooth caused by cavities caused by decay, holes, cracks or structural damage. If the cavity is long-standing it may have led to further damage to the tooth causing an infection of the root. This may necessitate further dental work, such as a root canal and a dental crown.

The easiest and quickest fillings are ‘direct’ fillings. These take be done in around half an hour and involve the dentist drilling out the decayed area of the tooth before cleaning, filling and shaping.

‘Indirect fillings’ require a longer time to do as there is usually a larger portion of decay to be removed, which may also involve having a crown fitted. In these cases your dentist will make impressions of your teeth after removing the decay and cleaning the area to send to the lab. Once your custom-made crown is back you will return to your dentist to have the crown cemented into place. This usually takes a number of appointments over the course of a week.

What is the cost comparison of Dental Fillings in Mexico City to the US and Canada?

In the United States composite dental fillings start at about $170 and in Mexico City the price is from $100.

Great prices and good quality materials means your dental fillings in Mexico City will last between 5 and 7 years if composite is used, and as long as 15 with porcelain – which is another consideration about having fillings in Mexico City. For a little extra, you can get the best quality material, lasting up to three times longer than composite and still be paying less than at home.

How easy is it to book Dental Fillings in Mexico City?

With Dental Departures it couldn't be simpler - either call us Toll-Free or book online to arrange your dental fillings in Mexico City. Check-out our website to find a dentist, compare prices, do virtual tours, view clinic photos and read patient reviews. Book with us for your trustworthy and quality-checked dentist.

(Image by: Matthew Rutledge)