Root Canal in Nuevo Progreso

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Nuevo Progreso

Think root canals are too expensive? Look at our prices for root canals in Nuevo Progreso and think again. Our quality-checked dentists located near the US-Mexico border will save you over 80% on your root canal treatment compared to your dentist at home. Find, choose and book your dentist online with Dental Departures and get guaranteed low prices.

A root canal may be necessary to save a tooth from extraction. However, because it is quite lengthy procedure it is often fairly expensive in the United States and Canada. Savvy patients have been coming to Nuevo Progreso to have their root canals done because the costs are so much lower. Quite simply, being unable to afford the prices at home would have resulted in the loss of their tooth, which is another problem they didn’t need.

You may not know that you need root canal treatment until you have an infection. This is usually the first sign that something is wrong, and, usually, a trip to your dentist will confirm with x-rays that root canal treatment is required.

Sometimes you may have to make a few trips to the dentist to complete the treatment. This is why Nuevo Progreso may be a particularly convenient place to come for some patients north of the border. This colourful, lively town and the sunshine may also take your mind off your dental work!

Why have Root Canals in Nuevo Progreso?

Root canals are a scary prospect at the best of times, but especially if you are traveling abroad to have the treatment done. Despite rumors to the contrary, dentists in Mexico undergo training comparable to dentist training over the border and so you needn’t be too concerned about that aspect if you book an appointment through Dental Departures.

Our dentists and clinics are quality-checked and all offer warranties or guarantees on the quality of their work. The dental clinics we work with in Nuevo Progreso all have very high standards, using the latest dental technology and adhere to strict international protocols on safety and hygiene.

Although root canal treatments are considerably lower here, by booking through us you will be guaranteed the lowest price available for your treatment.

How long do Root Canals take in Nuevo Progreso?

If your root canal is straightforward it can be finished in one or two appointments. If it is larger it may take longer, as bigger teeth have more roots 3 or 4, and each root canal will have to be cleared of debris, cleaned and filled.

Additional time may also be required if you need to have an infection cleared up, and also if after clearing your root canal your tooth requires a crown restoration to build up the tooth or to add strength.

The procedure itself involves the infected material from the soft core of the tooth being removed. Your dentist will do this by drilling down from the crown of the tooth. Once the soft core is removed each root canal will need to be cleared of all debris. When all the material has been removed the chambers will be cleaned thoroughly and filled with temporary filling material. This is to ensure that there is no infection.

After a week or two you will return to your dentist who will examine the tooth. Providing there is no infection the tooth will be permanently filled, or impressions made if you need a crown. The crown will take a few more additional days to be ready.

It may take up to 2 weeks to complete the procedure if an infection needs to be cleared and you need a crown.

What is the cost comparison of root canals in Nuevo Progreso to the US and Canada?

What is the cost comparison of Root Canals in Nuevo Progreso to the US and Canada?

In the Unites States root canals start at approximately $1,280. In Nuevo Progreso they start at $220. These prices are just for a root canal. A crown restoration will cost you around $1,000 extra in the US but in Nuevo Progreso will be $550 including a crown restoration.

If you are serious about saving money, as well as your tooth, traveling to Nuevo Progreso will help you achieve both.

How to book Root Canals in Nuevo Progreso

Phone our Toll-Free number or book online. We can help you find and choose a quality-checked dentist for root canals in Nuevo Progreso, and our clinic photos, virtual tours and patient reviews helps you to know before you go. Book your quality-checked dentist with Dental Departures and get the best prices - guaranteed.

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