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The Ultimate Guide to Crowns in Bali

Why not solve chipped or broken tooth problems on holiday with dental crowns in Bali? Clinics in Bali, Indonesia offer top-quality crowns at an affordable price so it’s a great way to save money by combining your dental care with a vacation on the island.

Fun and exciting activities await tourists in Bali – diving, snorkeling, surfing, sightseeing, and many others. The Southern Island is famous for diving. Some of the well-known surfing beaches can be found on the western side while the white sandy beaches in the eastern part are great for families. Central Bali, especially in Ubud, is great for sightseeing.

What are dental crowns?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” used to cover a damaged tooth. The “cap” improves a tooth’s appearance and restores its size, shape, and strength. The purpose of crowns is to:

  • Protect weak tooth from decay or breakage
  • Restore damaged tooth
  • Cover a large filling
  • Hide discoloration
  • Cover an implant or hold a bridge

What materials are used in making crowns?

Crowns are made from various kinds of materials: stainless steel, metal, all-resin, all-ceramic/all-ceramic, and Zirconia or milled crowns.

Which material is best for me?

Your dentist will determine which type of material is best for you. Discuss your concerns and you’ll be presented with a customized treatment plan based on your goals and budget.

What’s the process for dental crowns?

The process involves two to three visits (except for Zirconia or milled crown, which can be processed in one day). Examination and preparation of the teeth are carried out during the first visit. This is followed by the placement of the crowns.

During the first visit, your dentist will perform a complete examination, take X-rays and commence the procedure by numbing the tooth and gums. Then, the tooth will be prepared to make room for your crown. Impressions of your teeth are taken and processed in the lab. You’ll be given a temporary crown while waiting for the permanent one. On you next visit; the new crown will be placed over your tooth.

How much are the dental crowns in Bali?

The cost of crowns depends on the type of material you choose, technology used and other factors. An estimate is US $328.75 (CAD $417.51; AUD $423.51; NZD $474.70; UK £229). It’s so affordable!

What can you say about the clinics in Bali, Indonesia?

Clinics in Bali offers advanced treatment using the latest technology, and they are committed to providing international-standard, safe and hygienic facilities. Friendly and hospitable dental team assists local and international patients. The dentists completed their education and training from institutions in Indonesia and abroad. Dental Departures only lists quality-checked dentists and facilities whose credentials stack-up as far as qualifications and expertise is concerned.

How do I book an appointment?

Dental Departures will help you book appointment with a dentist in Bali, Indonesia for your crowns. Checkout clinic photos, browse dentist profiles, and get exclusive discount. Feel free to call, email, or use our online chat. We’d be glad to assist you.


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