Crowns in Hungary

The Ultimate Guide to Crowns in Hungary

Last fact-checked: 16 February 2020

Improve appearance, restore strength and eliminate the discomfort of badly damaged teeth at affordable prices. Compare dentists and book your dental crowns in Hungary at up to 70% savings with Dental Departures.

Hungary is a great destination for dental tourists. The capital, Budapest, is a beautiful, historic city nestled on the banks of the River Danube, while other areas of the country, including Lake Heviz and its thermal spas are also popular locations to visit. There’s more than enough to see and do throughout the country after you’ve finished your dental care—and as the cost of living is cheap you’ll be able to enjoy it to the full.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps placed over a tooth. They can be made from porcelain, ceramic, metal, zirconia and gold and are suitable for prosthetic reconstructions anywhere in the mouth.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

• Dental crowns can protect a damaged tooth weakened by decay, fracture, root canal therapy or large fillings from further damage. Large fillings can sometimes lead to stress fractures of the tooth as the filling tends to flex more. A dental crown provides protection and also seals a tooth from decay.

• They are useful to help preserve the natural function of a tooth, helping to restore and maintain a natural bite, and they can be used to replace missing teeth in a bridge or with a dental implant.

• Dental crowns are beneficial, not just in a functional way, but are used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of a tooth, covering irregularities and discoloration, and helping to maintain a happy, natural smile.

• Beautiful and long-lasting, the only problem that you may have with crowns is the cost, which can soon become prohibitive if you require multiple crowns. This is why getting your dental crowns in Hungary with Dental Departures could be one of the best dental decisions you ever make.

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are made from a variety of materials which vary in price, but your dentist in Hungary will discuss the options with you so you can decide what is suitable for your circumstances. The most common dental crowns are porcelain ceramic crowns and porcelain fused to metal (PFM).

Porcelain or ceramic crowns create a very natural-looking appearance as the material is translucent, just like the enamel on your teeth. They are typically used on the front teeth, but they are suitable for use anywhere in the mouth due to the strength of the material. Porcelain crowns are metal-free and made from biocompatible materials, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.

PFM crowns are a hybrid between all-ceramic and all-metal crowns and are one of the most popular materials. They have the advantage of providing the strength of metal, but with the natural appearance of porcelain. While they are stronger than porcelain crowns they are more prone to fracture than an all-metal crown.

Why Have Dental Crowns in Hungary?

Hungary has a long-standing reputation for providing excellent-quality dental care to overseas patients. People from neighboring countries have been traveling across its borders for decades, drawn by Hungary’s first-class facilities and lower costs.

Dentist in training in Hungary is extensive. After general dental training and qualification, all dentists who want to specialize undertake a further four-years university course. All dentists in Hungary are required to complete ongoing accredited continuing education throughout their entire careers, so you can be sure of always being in the hands of someone who is up-to-date with the latest techniques and procedures. Registration with the Ministry of Health for dentists and auxiliary staff such as hygienists and dental assistants is mandatory.

Dental Departures pre-screens clinics, so you are assured of good-quality facilities that have been verified. Our checks include legal/criminal records, dentist qualifications, professional memberships and we carry out on-site visits. Our listings also include clinic photos, location maps and prices so you can easily choose a reliable dentist with complete confidence. Take a look at our top-rated clinics in Hungary:

MDental Hungary
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Hungary is a high-income, well-developed country with a good infrastructure. Whether visiting as a tourist or as a dental patient you will find it has all the 21st-century conveniences a modern visitor expects, wrapped up in old-world architecture and picturesque countryside.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Take in Hungary?

Your dental crown treatment in Hungary can be completed in just a couple of days–with visits to your dentist on the first and last day and the lab work taking place in between. If your dentist is equipped with CAD/CAM technology and has an on-site laboratory, the procedure may be completed in one day, while you wait.

What Do Dental Crowns Cost in Hungary Compared to the UK & Ireland?

The cost of dental crowns in Hungary is one of its major plus points, with savings as much as 80% compared to prices at home:


UK £


US $



Dental Crown Prices at home






Dental Crown Prices in Hungary






Getting Started

Contact Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team for further information about dental crowns in Hungary. They can also book an appointment, help with accommodation, obtain a free quote and help with other parts of your trip to made things run smoothly for you. Or you can schedule an appointment yourself online at no charge.

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