Crowns in Agua Prieta

The Ultimate Guide to Crowns in Agua Prieta

Repair your damaged and discolored teeth and repair your smile with low-cost dental crowns in Agua Prieta. Book your appointment in this accessible location with Dental Departures and save as much as 75% with our quality-checked dentists.

With a convenient location just over the US-Mexico border Agua Prieta is perfect for Americans and Canadians to come to for dental crowns. This historic old mining community has great shopping and is in the middle of stunning desert landscapes, offering visitors a chance to get back to nature and recharge their batteries.

Already a popular place for travelers from over the border to visit for its varied shopping – you will find everything from modern malls to street vendors selling handcrafted goods – it is busy with day-trippers and vacationers alike searching for a bargain.

For dental patients seeking affordable treatment it delivers expert dental services at a fraction of the prices found north of the border. For dental crown work there are some pretty impressive savings to be made but with absolutely no concessions on the quality.

Why have Dental Crowns in Agua Prieta?

Last year record numbers of tourists visited Mexico – with a staggering 58% coming from the US. It is little wonder as it offers such a variety of landscapes, resorts, cities and towns. Although Agua Prieta is the gateway to amazing countryside in Sonora it is also a lively and historical town to mooch around in for a few days prior to a longer trip – or while you are waiting for your dental crowns.

Finding a good dentist to undertake your dental crown work used to be a time-consuming task, without necessarily finding out what you wanted to know. We understand the importance of finding the right dentist and being comfortable that you have all the background information you require in order to make the right choice.

We have visited our dental clinics and checked our dentists’ credentials and listed them on our website. We also have patient reviews, prices and other information so you can make an informed decision on your choice of dentist, which will hopefully alleviate some of the worries about your dental care.

Our dentists in Agua Prieta are used to treating overseas patients and deliver good quality care. The prices are so much cheaper here, not because the service is inferior but because the cost of living is considerably less than it is in the United States. If you do have dental crowns in Agua Prieta they will be made from the same high-grade materials but with one notable difference – the astonishingly lower price.

How long do Dental Crowns take in Agua Prieta?

Dental crowns generally take 3-4 days to complete.

You will need two appointments with your dentist on the first and last day and the lab work will be done in between, which means you can relax and enjoy your time in Agua Prieta.

On your first appointment the dentist will clean the tooth receiving the crown and shape it using a drill. When finished, impressions will be made and sent to the lab for the crown to be made. You will return to the dentist a few days later to have the crown fitted. If you have had a temporary crown fitted this will be removed and some final shaping carried out on the tooth to ensure a good fit for the new crown. When you and your dentist are satisfied with the feel and look of the crown it will be cemented in place permanently.

What is the cost comparison of Dental Crown Treament in the United States and Canada to Agua Prieta?

The cost will ultimately depend on the size of the crown and on what material it is made from. Your dentist will discuss the options before he commences treatment.

Whatever the material your dental crown will be considerably cheaper in Agua Prieta, starting from $250, compared to $1,150 in the United States.

For higher quality materials such as zirconia you will make even more savings – well worth the trip and you will still return home having saved money even with travel and accommodation costs factored in.

How do I book?

Book online or use our free phone number, e-mail or online chat to arrange your appointment, or have a chat about dental crowns in Agua Prieta. Compare our prices, read our reviews and check-out our clinic photos. With our guaranteed lowest prices, dental crowns will cost you a lot less than you think with Dental Departures. 

(Image by: John Morgan)