Crowns in Turkey

The Ultimate Guide to Crowns in Turkey

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get dental crowns in Turkey on your next holiday. The price of dental care is a fraction of the price in Turkey compared to home, so you can easily save yourself 80% and spend it on your holiday rather than give it to your dentist.


Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?


Dental crowns are versatile and can help with a number of dental problems. They are mainly used to strengthen weak teeth, particularly if you have a damaged tooth, or have had a root canal or large filling. They can also be used as part of a dental implant, or as part of a bridge to fill in a gap or replace a missing tooth.


Why Get A Dental Crown in Turkey?


  • Turkey is a great location for a holiday and a getting a crown won’t take up much of your time. You may need two visits to the dentist—the first to prepare your tooth to receive the crown and the second to get the crown properly positioned. Preparation involves paring down the tooth so the crown sits comfortably on top of your tooth, then getting impressions of your mouth made to send to the lab where your crown is made. However, if your dentist offers computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) then you may be able to have your tooth prepared and the crown fitted on the same day.


  • The dental clinics in Turkey offering services to international patients are generally of a high clinical standard. Dentists are well-trained and clinics are modern with state-of-the-art technologies to provide you the utmost in dental care. Many clinics are signed up with the International Standards Organization , adhering to recognized protocols on hygiene and safety. Our best clinics in Turkey use the same brands and materials as your dentist at home.


  • But, you should always take care to do some of your own research when seeking a reliable clinic. If you are considering going abroad, this may prove a little daunting. That’s why Dental Departures has made it easy by vetting all our partnerships. We have carried out our own background checks—all the verified clinics listed on our site are reliable as we confirm dentist qualifications and professional memberships, as well as publish patient reviews. Our listings also include clinic photos, prices, maps and much more to help you get a feel for all of the clinics, making it easier to reach your own informed decision on where is best for you.


  • Dental crown s are in Turkey are up to 80% cheaper than than you would pay at home!


How Much do Dental Crowns Cost in Turkey?



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US $



NZ $

Dental Crown Costs at home







Dental Crown Costs in Turkey









Recommended Locations in Turkey for Dental Crowns

 Whatever your preferences for a holiday—city, country or beach resort—you will find plenty of options open to you. We list dozens of dental clinics located in popular tourism destinations, so you’re bound to find a good dentist in an area you choose for a holiday. We have also partnered with clinics located convenient to airports in major cities, so another option is to spend a day or two at the beginning or end of your holiday at one of these locations to get your dental work carried out.


Some popular locations are listed below:


Istanbul: Istanbul is one of the world’s greatest cities. Its dramatic skyline of domes and minarets overlooking the glittering Bosphorus Strait that bisects the city provide the requisite photo opportunities for tourists.


Moreover, Istanbul has that intangible quality that only the great cities have. Maybe it’s because it straddles two continents–part Asian, part European—with an unmistakable blend of East and West. Maybe it is hip neighbourhoods like Karakoy, once crumbling and brought back to life with trendy cafes, restaurants and boutiques. Maybe it’s the incredible buildings left behind by past empires. Or maybe the sum of all Istanbul’s parts just fit together so well.


Whatever the mystique, there’s no room for boredom in Istanbul; if you visit as a dental tourist there’s much for you to get your teeth into after your appointment. Check out the Istanbul Dental Clinic or Tanfer Clinic if you’re in town, or book prior through us online.


Antalya: The Old Town Kaleici neighbourhood is a maze of restored Ottoman houses lining cobbled streets that are now home to chi-chi boutique hotels, galleries and restaurants. This historic city is somewhat of a gateway to other destinations around the coast, but with a pretty harbour and a couple of beaches overlooking the Med there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t stay in town.


Watch the sunset over the sea, find a deserted beach to relax on or take a boat excursion around the harbour. The city is not far from Antalya airport, so it’s a convenient stopover to or from the airport if you’re heading off elsewhere. Give Premium Dental Turkey a look.


Izmir: Another city located near the airport, and also a convenient stopover if you’re visiting Ephesus. Like Antalya, the city is on the coast and is rich in archaeological sites, including the Roman Agora of Smyma, an open-air museum, and the Kakifekale (Velvet Castle) that overlooks the city. Izmir is also known for its healing thermal baths, where health seekers from all over visit to relax and rejuvenate.


Izmir’s seafront promenade wraps around the azure waters of the Bay of Izmir and has biking and waPremium Dental Turkeylking paths, as well as cafes, bars and restaurants to watch those stunning sunsets. Dentalglobal Clinic is one to take a look at for your dental crowns.


Further Information


You can search or listings by procedure or location to find the perfect clinic for your dental crowns in Turkey. Ask for a free quote, or book an appointment online. If you have any questions about dental tourism in Turkey, our Customer Care Team is available 24/7 to help you out.