Crowns in Izmir

The Ultimate Guide to Crowns in Izmir

Last fact-checked: 19 February 2020

Save a fortune on dental crowns in Izmir, Turkey. Broken and damaged teeth are easily fixed with a crown, and, for a fraction of the price you’d pay at home, Dental Departures can assist you in booking an appointment at a quality-checked dentist in this historic coastal city.

What Is A Dental Crown and What Are Its Uses?

A dental crown is simply a custom-made ‘cap’ that is placed over a tooth. They can be used to treat a variety of problems, such as:

● Protecting a damaged, cracked or chipped tooth

● Adding strength to a tooth with a root canal or large filling where a large amount of decay has compromised the structure of the tooth

● Replacing a missing tooth as part of a bridge or dental implant

● Improving the appearance of a misshapen or discoloured tooth

Most people choose a natural-looking tooth-colored porcelain as the material for their crowns, which look just like their own teeth, although a variety of other materials, such as gold, can be used.

Why Have Dental Crowns in Izmir?

  1. Izmir is easily accessible, with flights from around the UK & Eire touching down daily at Izmir’s international airport. While some resorts in Turkey can be several hours drive from the airport, Izmir City Centre is only 10 miles away.
  1. The procedure for a dental crown shouldn’t take up too much of your holiday time. Two visits to the dentist are needed—the first for the initial consultation and assessment. If your dentist deems you are a suitable candidate, impressions are made of your mouth and sent to a laboratory where the crown is made. Your tooth will also be prepared to receive the crown, which involves filing down the tooth so that the crown fits snugly on top. The dentist will place a temporary crown over your tooth until you return to have your permanent replacement fitted. Each appointment should last around an hour and the entire treatment takes only a couple of days.
  1. A local anaesthetic is administered, taking effect before the dentist prepares your tooth. This ensures the procedure is totally painless.
  1. The best dentists in Turkey offer high-quality services and speak fluent English. You’ll find that all of Dental Departures’ clinics in Izmir are modern and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to provide accurate diagnoses and reliable treatment outcomes. Customer service is second-to-none and international protocols on hygiene and safety are followed meticulously.
  1. Izmir is a top location for dental tourists and holidaymakers, with plenty of sights to see dating back to the ancient Greek and Roman eras (more than making up for its lack of beaches…) It’s citizens and visitors enjoy a lovely position on the Aegean Coast with a pretty harbour dotted with restaurants and bars and a winding promenade (Kordon) that is the hub of the city. Here, you can take a leisurely stroll, sit and watch the boats or find a table at any number of restaurants and bars that line the route.
  1. The prices for dental care throughout Turkey represent incredible value for money. While the British pound is taking a battering from other currencies, including Euros and US Dollars, Turkish Lira is one of the few currencies where Brits can get more for their money. International, five-star accommodation for around £70 a night? Yes, please!

How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost in Izmir?

It may be difficult to believe, but dental crowns in Izmir currently cost around the same as a simple filling in the UK. See our average price comparison table below:


UK £


US $



Dental Crown Prices at home






Dental Crown Prices in Izmir






Can I Expect to Receive Good Quality Dental Care in Izmir?

The standard of dental care provided by clinics treating international patients is generally excellent throughout Turkey, and Izmir is no exception.

Despite this, it is always worth spending a little time doing your own research. Weighing up your options and booking your appointment with a reliable facility before you fly out just makes sense. We know this is easier said than done, which is why Dental Departures has already carried out the hard work. All the facilities listed on our site have all been pre-screened by us. Our checks include onsite visits, confirming dentist qualifications and verifying professional memberships. Our listings also include patient reviews, location maps, clinic photos, prices and much more so you can choose your dental clinic with confidence. 

Top-rated dental clinics for your dental crowns in Izmir include:

DentaGlobal Dental Clinic

Dent KM

Friendly Smile Turkey Izmir

What Materials Are Used and How Long Will the Dental Procedure Take?

Typically, two appointments are needed. The first involves a thorough examination of your mouth and a discussion about the materials available for the crown. These all have their pros and cons and, by consulting your dentist, you can decide what is best for you:

● As a good cosmetic choice, porcelain is preferred, but this is more prone to fracture and one of the more expensive options.

● Porcelain-fused-to-metal is a cheaper but more hardwearing option; however, the grey shadowing from the metal may show through.

● For a newer option, zirconia looks great but, aside from gold (which is now rarely used) will cost you the most.

After your tooth has been prepared and impressions made you, will be set another date to return to have your crown fitted, normally in a few days.

During the second appointment, your crown will be fitted. The dentist will remove the temporary filling on your tooth and place the new crown over your tooth to check the fit. Any minor adjustments will be made by the dentist, and, once they and you are satisfied, the crown will be bonded permanently to your tooth using a light-activated adhesive.

Note on same day crowns: Many modern clinics have CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture) technology . This allows the dentist (or lab technician) to design your crown on a computer screen right in front of your very eyes. You will be able to see exactly how it looks for fit, size and colour before the manufacturing process is carried out. Any adjustments are made on the computer, and once you and the dentist are happy, a press of a button sends the image files to an onsite milling machine that makes the crown while you wait.

The dentist can fit the crown once it’s complete and you can be on your way to enjoy the rest of your time in Izmir.


How Can I Book an Appointment for Crowns in Izmir?

Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team are on hand 24/7 to book your appointment for you or answer any questions you may have. We also provide other online booking options which you can see on each clinic listing.


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