Dental Implants in Cali

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants in Cali

Last fact-checked: 22 February 2020

Find out how much you can save on dental implants in Cali , Colombia by asking us for a free quote—or check out the price comparison further down. If you want to save up to 70% on dental implants and are also keen on discovering this fascinating South American country, then now’s the time to do it. While still a reasonably undiscovered destination, it won’t be long before the rest of the world catches on to Colombia’s charm.

Sitting in the pretty southwest of Colombia, Cali’s main draws are hiking and Salsa dancing; if you’ve never tried either, you can always start out slow with guided tours and free lessons, respectively. In fact, Cali is known as the Salsa Capital of the World and you simply can’t get away from it here.

Away from the city, enjoy the flora and fauna that Colombia, as one of the planet’s 17 megadiverse countries, offers in its countryside. It’s also worth taking advantage of the national parks, trails and terrific scenery situated just outside.

Whether you’re traveling here for dental work or not, Cali has a lot in the way to see and do, especially for the more active among us. Plus, there’s an international airport facilitating easy access in and out.

Should I Get Dental Implants in Cali?

Dental implants are the most popular way to replace missing teeth. They look, feel and act exactly like your own teeth, and no-one would ever know that an implant and crown wasn’t your own tooth. However, dental tourists should take note that at least two trips to the dentist (and in this case, separate trips to Cali) are needed to complete the procedure. That said, many patients still make significant savings even when factoring in these extra travel costs.

As far as the standard of dental care in Cali is concerned, you should feel confident when booking with one of our verified clinics. We’ve already done all the hard work, researching and confirming salient information about the clinics and dentists we partner with. We run a number of background checks, including onsite visits and legal/criminal records. We also confirm dentist qualifications and professional memberships, as well as publish real patient reviews.

You can see these under each clinic listing, as well as clinic photos, maps, prices and much more. Thus, when you choose and book a dentist with Dental Departures, you know all the background information stacks up. All of our leading dentists offer guarantees too, and will perform any remedial work free-of-charge should there be a problem.

What is the Procedure for Dental Implants? How Long Will I Need to Stay in Cali?

As mentioned before, the procedure for dental implants will entail two visits. First, the main implant insertion (or multiple insertions) is performed. This involves a small incision being made in your gum so the dentist can access the jaw bone. Using a drill, a small hole is made in the bone and the implant inserted. The gum is then stitched back in place and the implant is left for a period of at least three months to integrate with the jaw bone. This process is called osseointegration, which provides the stability that makes this procedure as good as it is. The implant is made below the gum line so you won’t see any difference in your mouth once your gum heals.

The magic takes place on your second trip. The dentist will open up your gum and attach an abutment to the implant. After a crown is placed on top of the abutment, you can walk out smiling with your new tooth (or ‘teeth’ if you are having several done).

What is the Price of Dental Implants in Cali Compared to Home?

The table below shows how much the prices are for dental implants in Cali, compared to at home:


US $


UK £



Dental Implant Prices – at home






Dental Implant Prices – Cali






You can realize considerable savings compared with staying at home—even having to do two trips. Plus, with our Best Price Guarantee, you will always pay the lowest prices available.


Is Cali a Good Location for Dental Tourists?

Cali does have some good-quality healthcare facilities and has been making a name for itself as a destination for cosmetic surgery. So, it certainly has a growing clientele in this sector.

As a dental tourist, you can take advantage of the numerous activities on offer in and around the city. We highly recommend getting a taster of the local Salsa scene, whether that’s with lessons or just watching the pros strut their stuff. You shouldn’t experience too much in the way of downtime after receiving your dental implant so you should be able to enjoy your time in Cali to the full .

How Can I Get Started with Dental Departures?

For an exciting destination that’s a little different for your typical dental tourism trip, then having your dental implants in Cali is worth serious consideration. Speak to our Customer Care Team to book an appointment or to find out more. They can also help you with other aspects of a trip, including financing, insurance and hotel bookings.


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