Dentures in Croatia

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Croatia

Last fact-checked: 2 April 2020

Why pay the earth for dental care at home when you can get new dentures in Croatia and save up to £1,000. And, as if we needed to tell you already, Croatia is a fantastic spot for a holiday with its array of gorgeous beaches, ancient architecture—and if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you can check out the real-life locations used in some of the series’ most iconic scenes.

How Much Do Dentures Cost in Croatia?

Dentures prices in Croatia are around 60% lower than at home—saving you a considerable amount and more than enough to offset your flights and accommodation. Budget holidaymakers travelling alone may even end up with a net saving after landing back home. Book with Dental Departures and you’ll be guaranteed the best prices available.


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Is it Really Possible to Receive Good-Quality Dentures in Croatia?

Absolutely. Croatia is a European Union member state and adheres to Europe-wide regulations on hygiene and safety. Many clinics are signed up to internationally-recognized protocols, such as those laid down by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) .

Tourism (in the traditional sense of the word), as well as dental tourism, are both growing significantly in Croatia year-on-year. This demonstrates confidence by overseas patients that combining their dental care with a holiday to Croatia is a viable option to the lack of affordable dental care at home.

And it isn’t surprising: Croatia may have an ancient history but its healthcare facilities geared towards overseas patients are contemporary, modern and fitted out to exacting standards with the most up-to-date technologies available.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your own research. In fact, we recommend that you do—using the information provided by Dental Departures as a starting point.

With Dental Departures, you are assured of good-quality facilities. Why? Because we have done most of the hard work already and carried out our own background checks before each clinic is listed on our site. Onsite visits, legal/criminal records and verification of dentist qualifications & professional memberships are among the background information we take a look at. Our listings include patient reviews, clinic photos and prices to help you make your own informed decision on what clinic to choose for your new dentures in Croatia.

Clinics you may want to check out include:

Ordinacija Dentalne Medicine Catovic Dr. Zlatko in Zagreb

Kalmar Implant Dentistry in Rijeka

Smile Studio Dentist Croatia in Rijeka

What Is the Procedure for Dentures? How Long Will I Need to Stay in Croatia?

The time required is the same regardless of whether you require full denture s (for those with no teeth) or partial dentures (just some missing teeth). The entire process generally takes three days to a week.

One thing to consider, if you do still have your own teeth, is whether or not you’ll need any further extractions. The mouth requires at least three months’ healing time after extractions—during this time you are given a “healing” denture which is lighter than a permanent one. As the soft tissues in your mouth heal, the gums will shrink, which means a denture that fits immediately after teeth extractions will not necessarily fit several months later. So, if you do need any teeth removing, it is best to get this carried out by a dentist at home, at least four months before you go to Croatia for your new dentures.

The procedure for obtaining your new dentures in Croatia will first entail a consultation, examination and diagnostic tests, as well as impressions taken of your mouth. The impressions are sent to a laboratory where your denture is made to measure. It’s then back to the dentist once your dentures have been received by your clinic so that they can be fitted. Any minor adjustments are then taken care of by your dentist.

Is Croatia a Good Location for Dental Tourists?

It certainly is. Notwithstanding the good quality and affordable dental care on offer, Croatia is a fascinating, exceptionally beautiful country that offers holidaymakers a variety of options in terms of locations, scenery and things to see and do.

The capital, Zagreb, is distinguished by its Gothic cathedral and 18 th and 19th century Austro-Hungarian architecture. It may not have the immediate draw of some of the country’s coastal towns, but if other European cities, such as Budapest or Prague appeal, then Zagreb almost certainly will do too.

A port city in the northern Adriatic Sea, Rijeka is a gateway to some of Croatia’s islands. There is a hilltop castle with commanding views of Kvarner Bay, paintings by Gustav Klimt adorn the ceilings of the National Theatre and the main promenade is lined with Habsburg-era buildings and the city is certainly worth spending some time in before you head off island-hopping.

The fortress-like palace in Split, on the Dalmatian Coast, houses over 200 buildings, including a cathedral, shops, bars, houses, hotels and cafes. There are ruins here dating back to the Roman Empire and a palm tree-lined promenade that sweeps around the waterfront. An undeniably pretty city where ancient blends seamlessly with 21st-century life.

Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most popular destination, renowned for the massive stone walls of the 16th century Old Town that overlook the shimmering Adriatic Sea. Doubling as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, if you’re a fan of the series you may already feel you have been to this amazing city (although nothing will prepare you for seeing and experiencing it in the flesh).

Wherever you decide to go for your dental care in Croatia, you’re sure to find a clinic that fits the bill—just simply use our site’s search function to browse through the options in each location.



How Can I Book Dentures in Croatia?

Book directly online or speak with Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team for further information about dentures in Croatia. They can also help out if you’d like to find out more about our other services, including finance and insurance.


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