Dentures in Egypt

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Egypt

Last fact-checked: 7 April 2020

New dentures in Egypt cost up to 60 percent less than you would expect to pay in many countries around Europe, including the UK. And while you’re waiting for your dentures to be made, you could book a cruise down the River Nile and see some of the country’s breathtaking ancient sites.

Discover how you can book your trip for new dentures in Egypt with Dental Departures.

What Is the Procedure for Dentures? How Long Will I Need to Stay in Egypt?

The process is the essentially same regardless of whether you need full dentures to replace all of your teeth or partial dentures if you have only some missing teeth.

If you require single or multiple extractions, it’s worth knowing that your mouth and gums will need time to heal. This generally takes at least three months; during this time, you will need to wear a lighter denture, known as a ‘healing’ denture. This is a temporary measure, but it would mean having to return to your dentist in Egypt after three months to receive your permanent denture. In these cases, it might make sense to have your teeth removed by a dentist at home several months before you travel to Egypt rather than having to make two separate trips.

At your first consultation with the dentist in Egypt, you will receive a thorough examination and consultation, as well as diagnostic tests to assess the structures in your mouth and jaw. Your dentist will take impressions to send to a laboratory where your new dentures are made-to-measure. It could be several days before you can go back to your dentist to receive your new dentures, so if you’re planning on any trips, have a word with your dentist about fitting your plans around your treatment.

Is it Possible to Receive High-Quality Dentures in Egypt?

Absolutely. The best private dental facilities listed with Dental Departures in Egypt are on a par with any at home. Modern facilities are well-equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic advances, such as digital x-rays and 3D/CT scanning to provide accurate diagnoses, tailor-made treatment planning and expected results. Dentists in Egypt have excellent training, with many having gained experience or trained in Western countries in Europe, as well as the United States.

Booking with Dental Departures

Before you book an appointment, it is always wise to spend time doing some research. We know that’s not always easy to do if you’re not sure what parameters you should be looking at. This is where Dental Departures helps.

We have years of experience working with hundreds of dental providers and have enabled patients from all over the world to save money on their dental treatment at quality-checked clinics abroad.

All the facilities we partner with have all been pre-screened. We search legal/criminal records and carry out onsite visits. Dentist qualifications and professional memberships are verified and we include patient reviews, location maps, clinic photos and prices in our listings. This makes it easy for you to make your own comparisons and choose the facility that meets your needs.

Popular clinics for dentures in Egypt include:

Shalash Dental & Implant Center

Tajmeel Dental Care Center

Dental Care Egypt–Dr Tamer Badr

Is Egypt a Good Location for Dental Tourists?

Egypt’s ancient historic sites are fascinating attractions that have awestruck visitors from around the globe for centuries. The Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Abu Simbel and the Great Sphinx of Giza are all must-sees; located around the Nile Valley, many can be seen during a Nile cruise.

The country’s capital, Cairo, is busy, lively and definitely worth checking out; if you like beaches, there are plenty of resorts along the Sinai Peninsula, such as Sharm el Sheik, which is also renowned for its coral reefs and diving opportunities.

The country makes for a great holiday and is a fantastic location for visitors, whether you’re there for dental tourism, leisure or both.

How Much Do Dentures Cost in Egypt?

The table below shows how much dentures cost in Egypt compared to average prices at dental clinics at home:


UK £


US $


NZ $

Full Dentures Prices - at home






Full Dentures Prices – Egypt






(Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment).


Further Information About Dentures in Egypt 

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