Dentures in Guadalajara

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Guadalajara

Are you new to dentures or want to replace ill-fitting dentures with new ones? Dentures in Guadalajara cost at least 75% less than your dentist at home charges using exactly the same brands and materials. Book an appointment with Dental Departures to ensure you get a quality-checked dentist at the best prices.

Why get dentures in Guadalajara?

Obviously, the savings speak for themselves. Why pay thousands for dentures when you can get them for a fraction of the cost elsewhere?

You needn’t worry that your dentures in Guadalajara will be inferior in any way to dentures you receive at home, as they won’t be. In some cases, you will find that your dentures here will be better quality than the ones at home because you will be able to afford to pay for better materials. That’s not to say that for the least expensive dentures here the materials are inferior, it is just that dentures are available in a variety of different materials, just as they are at home, and instead of, say, settling for acrylic dentures you may want to have porcelain instead.

The point is that at home you may not always have a choice as more expensive materials may be out of your price range, whereas in Guadalajara, even the most expensive materials are far less than in the United States.

Every aspect of the service you receive by your dentist in Guadalajara is just as good as at home. The facilities in the clinics are hygienic, modern and high-tech. The latest equipment, methods and techniques are all employed in Guadalajara.

Our dentists in Guadalajara have all been background-checked by us. Their qualifications and expertise have been verified, and we also check for malpractice suits and criminal records. You can have complete peace of mind that your dentist is up to the job.

By booking with Dental Departures your dentist’s work is covered by a guarantee or warranty. Furthermore, we have a great customer care team who will help you every step of the way and we will work with you and your chosen dentist to ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible. Many of our dentists arrange airport and hotel transfers at no extra cost to you, so the price you see is the price you’ll pay.

How long do dentures take in Guadalajara?

If you haven’t had recent surgery or extractions a new set of dentures in Guadalajara will take less than 5 days to complete. You will visit your dentist on day 1 to have impressions of your mouth taken to send to the lab. Over the next couple of days, the lab will make your new dentures and deliver them back to your dentist.  You will return to your dentist to have your new dentures fitted.

If you have recently had surgery or extractions you will need to wait for the gums to heal completely before permanent dentures can be fitted – usually around 3 months. You will be given a temporary healing denture in the meantime.

What materials can my dentures in Guadalajara be made from?

Your dentist in Guadalajara will discuss the options as to what will meet your particular needs and circumstances. There are advantages and disadvantages to all the materials used, as well as price differences. Acrylic dentures are the cheapest option, and they are very light, producing less stress on any surrounding teeth and the soft tissues in the mouth. Porcelain dentures are very natural-looking but are heavier than acrylic, so they may not be as comfortable to wear. Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) have the advantage of the strength of porcelain, but they are on a lighter metal frame. Zirconia is the most expensive material. It is light, very natural-looking and extremely hard-wearing.

What is the cost compared to the United States and Canada?

Dentures in the United States start from around $1,800 compared to $250 in Guadalajara. Zirconia dentures are around $3,500 in the United States, but only $1,200 in Guadalajara.

How do I book an appointment?

Book online via or website, or call our toll-free number and compare our prices. With Dental Departures, you will find a world of dental care, for less.