Dentures in Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Philippines

Visit a dentist in the Philippines for dentures while enjoying a relaxing holiday on the savings you pocket having your treatment abroad. Search and book with Dental Departures to find pre-screened, quality-checked dentists and prices up to 80% lower than you'd pay at home.

As a holiday destination, the Philippines has it all: a tropical paradise with geography and climate to suit any preference: warm, shimmering waters; sandy beaches; cool mountains; and steamy rainforests. For those seeking a unique city setting, colorful Metro Manila, Cebu City or upscale Makati City will satisfy most desires with shopping, bars, restaurants and nightlife aplenty. 

Why Have Dentures in the Philippines? 

Patients from industrialized nations will enjoy substantially less expensive treatment in the Philippines alongside excellent quality care. Dramatically lower pricing means you have the option of upgrading to the best-quality denture materials –  just as you would find at home.

Booking an appointment through Dental Departures guarantees that you will always pay the lowest possible price, leaving you more money in your pocket when you return home (or remain in the Philippines to enjoy the sites.

While you wait on the lab complete your dentures, you will not lack for things to do or see: Take a trip to the historic City of Vigan for a glimpse into the Philippines' Hispanic past, go shopping or just find a shady spot in town and watch the world go by.

How Long Do Dentures Take in the Phillippines?

Dentures can be fitted in a matter of days, depending upon whether you require partial or full dentures, or whether you need teeth extracted. Your examining dentist will work up a treatment plan, along with an estimate of the time required to get your smile back!

If you require extractions, your dentist will fit you with a temporary set of "healing dentures," which are lighter than a permanent set, allowing time for your gums to heal. You will wear these dentures for a few months, although some patients use them for years without adverse effects.

Porcelain vs Acrylic Dentures 

During your first appointment, your dentist in the Philippines will discuss the pros and cons of various materials commonly used for dentures. Porcelain dentures, while highly durable, sometimes place stress on your bones and gums as they are heavier than acrylic dentures. Acrylic dentures are lighter and thus more comfortable, although not as hard-wearing as porcelain.  

How Much Can I Save Compared to Australia or New Zealand?

Generally, a full acrylic denture for either upper or lower teeth averages $1,800 in Australia and can be had for as little as $170 in the Philippines.

How Do I Book My Dentures Appointment in the Philippines?

Read real patient reviews, view clinic photos, take virtual tours and get free quotes for dentures in the Philippines from Dental Departures. Choose and book your dentist online, simply and quickly, and get the best prices and the best dentists.

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