Dentures in Kata Beach

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Kata Beach

Save up to 80% with Dental Departures and get your new, high-quality dentures in Kata Beach.

The Benefits of dentures

If you’re feeling down-in-the-mouth about missing teeth, dentures are the easiest solution for restoring your confidence.

Although cosmetic reasons may be the most important factor why you want to get dentures, the benefits of being able to chew food properly again without pain or discomfort will certainly be noticeable.

Dentures are also an important aid in maintaining your oral health. If you do have a gap as a result of a missing tooth, it won’t take long before the surrounding teeth start to move into the space – which may cause you long-term problems with your bite.

Why have dentures in Kata Beach?

Our dentists in Kata Beach offer you a quick service using high-grade materials at a low price.

Whether you need full dentures or a partial dentures your dentist in Thailand will discuss all the various options with regard to the various materials they can be made from, and their pros and cons. For instance, acrylic dentures are lighter to wear than porcelain dentures; whereas porcelain are very natural-looking and more hard-wearing.

Whatever material you decide, they will be of the highest quality, and made by lab technicians who have the skill and knowledge to produce long-lasting, natural-looking dentures.

Booking an appointment with Dental Departures gives you access to our quality-checked dentists who have been back-ground checked by us. Check our website for further details, including clinic photos, virtual tours, dentist profiles and real patient reviews.

With Dental Departures we guarantee you will always pay the lowest price possible, so you will have more money to spend on your holiday. With prices in Kata Beach around 20% of the prices at home, wouldn’t you rather pay for a holiday for yourself out of what you save, rather than your dentist at home?

Kata Beach is a family-oriented resort with two beautiful palm-fringed beaches. Relax in the sun, or in the shade. There are plenty of beach vendors who walk by with refreshments and so you really don’t need to move anywhere all day, if you don’t want to.

How long do dentures take in Kata Beach?

Simply replacing your dentures, a new set in Kata Beach takes less than 5 days. Following surgery, or extractions, you will need to wait around 3 months for the gums to heal before you can be fitted for permanent dentures. Immediately after an extraction or surgery you will be given a healing denture, which is lighter than normal, so you won’t have to go toothless.

What is the cost of dentures in Kata Beach?

The cost does vary depending on the material used, but for a full acrylic denture in Australia, the cost can be around AUD $1,800, whereas in Kata Beach you can get the same for less than AUD $300.

Can I book an appointment online?

You can book online for your dentures in Kata Beach, send us an e-mail or use our toll free number. We’re always available to discuss your requirements, and you can even use our online chat service. Search our site to find your dentist, compare prices, check-out reviews, view clinic photos and take virtual tours. At Dental Departures we make it easy to find a reliable, quality-checked dentist with the minimum of fuss.

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