Fillings in Hungary

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Hungary

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Find out how to book an appointment with Dental Departures’ quality-checked dentists, and save money on routine or emergency dental fillings in Hungary.

How much are Dental Fillings in Hungary compared with the UK and Eire?

These days, tooth-colored fillings are more popular, and more desirable, than silver-colored amalgam fillings. Porcelain fillings are the most expensive, but even white, composite fillings in the UK and Eire are more expensive than amalgam, costing around £100 (€118).

Composite dental fillings in Hungary start from as low as £25 (€30).

How long do Dental Fillings take in Hungary?

Dental fillings are quick and easy to carry out, although larger back teeth usually take a little longer than front teeth. Generally, they can be completed in one visit to your dentist in less than an hour.

The procedure for fillings involves removing the areas of decay from your tooth by drilling these out. Before the process begins you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth.

Once the decayed areas are removed, the tooth will be cleansed thoroughly before the cavity is packed with the filling material. There are a number of different materials that may be used for fillings, including amalgam, composite, porcelain – and even gold – and your dentist will discuss the most suitable options with you before your treatment commences.

Once the filling material has hardened, your dentist will file it down to the correct size and shape, adjusting as necessary after assessing your bite. Your dental filling in Hungary will leave your tooth feeling as good as new in under an hour.

Why have Dental Fillings in Hungary?

With the advent of low-cost airlines Hungary, particularly Budapest, is a popular destination for British and Irish to visit on a city break. For some, a few hours discomfort to get their fillings done for a quarter of the price, is too good an opportunity to miss. Others have had to have an emergency dental filling in Hungary and discovered that not only are prices low in comparison to back home, but that the care and facilities are excellent.

Hungary has been receiving dental patients from neighboring European countries for decades and has a reputation for providing good-quality services. Hungary’s dentists and auxiliary staff, such as assistants and hygienists are all registered with the Hungarian Ministry of Health and dentists undergo rigorous pre-and post-graduate training, as well as further training to specialize. All dentists must undertake continuous training throughout their career, so they are constantly in touch with new developments and the most up-to-date techniques in dentistry.

Hungary is a well-developed, prosperous country, and its facilities and amenities are testament to this. Public transport is good throughout the country, particularly in Budapest, the nation’s Capital.

Glamorous, exciting cities; expansive, undeveloped countryside and Hungary’s natural thermal spas have made it one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, as well as the place in Europe to go for low-cost, high-quality dental care.

Can I book online for my Dental Fillings in Hungary?

Yes - with Dental Departures you can book online for your dental fillings in Hungary. Compare prices to see how much you can save, read reviews, check-out maps, look at clinic photos and discover our exclusive discounts and best price guarantee. Talk to us via our online chat, phone us for free or drop us an e-mail – we’re always here to help.