Fillings in Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Malaysia

Your damaged teeth can be repaired with dental fillings in Malaysia at a much lower price than at home. Combine your dental work with your holiday and you could save yourself a pretty penny or two each year.

Tourists around the globe visit this country because of its interesting activities – from nature tripping, island hopping, diving, shopping, dining out, and sightseeing. Adventures seekers will like the Kinabalu Park in Sabah, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Dive in Sipadan Island. Shop in Bukit Bintang to KLCC. Satisfy your cravings in Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur. Stroll in Legoland and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. You’ll never run out of things to do during your vacation. What’s more – you can do this while getting the much-needed dental work.

Why should I get dental fillings?

Dental fillings repair teeth damaged by decay or trauma. They help restore the chewing function and aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

A filling is a material used to treat decayed teeth. Treatment begins by numbing your teeth, gums and surrounding area. After a local anesthesia is given, the dentist will remove the decay using a dental handpiece or laser and then clean the area. After this, the fillings will be bonded to your teeth.

What are the types of dental fillings?

Fillings are made of different types of materials. This includes Amalgam, composite resin, ionomers, gold and ceramic. Discuss with your dentist which material is best for you. Although amalgam is the fastest and cheapest choice, the mercury toxicity in this material is quite controversial. Composite resins are tooth-colored fillings because it looks natural but it’s not durable like amalgam. Ionomers are used for small cavities. Gold is quite costly and involves a longer treatment process. Ceramics are tooth-colored fillings that resist stains but are also abrasive.

How do I care for my teeth with fillings?

Simply observe proper oral hygiene by brushing, flossing, rinsing with mouthwash, and getting regular teeth cleaning. Avoid biting your nails and chewing hard food to prevent breakage.

What can you say about the dentists in Malaysia?

Just like the dental practitioners in your home country, the dentists in Malaysia completed their degree and special trainings locally and internationally. They comply with industry standards set by organizations like Malaysian Dental Association and Malaysian Dental Council. A friendly staff supports them and assists patients coming from different countries.

Feel free to discuss your goals, budget, and preferences. Your dentist will explain and give you options. A customized treatment plan can also be created for you.

What is the cost of fillings in Malaysia?

The cost of fillings depends on the type of material and the technology used by the clinic. Some clinics require two to three dental visits while others offer same day treatment, which is quite higher than the regular price. Fillings costs around USD $25.65 (CAD $33.41; AUD $33.65; NZD $37.67; £17.79). It’s cheap!

How do I book an appointment?

If you want to get fillings, Dental Departures will help you find a dentist in Malaysia. Browse clinic pictures, read dentist profile, compare prices, and get exclusive discount. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call, email, or use our online chat facility. Our customer service will gladly book an appointment with a dentist in Malaysia.


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