Fillings in Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Philippines

Last fact-checked: 7 March 2020

Save up to 90% on the cost of dental fillings in the Philippines. Choose and book a dentist with us to ensure you visit a pre-screened, quality-checked dentist.

Although most people tend to think of dental treatment abroad as emergency treatment, you may want to consider having dental fillings–or other "light" general dentistry – while you are on holiday. In the Philippines, a dental filling can cost as little as 10% the price you might expect to pay in Australia – easily pocketing you a hundred or more in savings.

While it might not be your idea of a relaxing holiday, isn't a few hours discomfort worth it for a saving of 90%? You can easily schedule an appointment for your fillings at a Filipino dental clinic through Dental Departures and be back enjoying your holiday the same afternoon. 

Why Have Dental Fillings in the Philippines? 

If you are visiting the Philippines on holiday, then it’s worth considering combining your dental needs with your trip—you’ll certainly save money while keeping your dental health in check. You can lose yourself in its sprawling capital, Manila, island-hop with more than 700 islands to choose from and enjoy the great outdoors in this gorgeous country.

Obviously, affordability is one of the major benefits of having your teeth filled in the Philippines, particularly if you are thinking about replacing your amalgam fillings, either for aesthetic reasons or because you are concerned about the mercury content in amalgam fillings. 

Booking your appointment through Dental Departures will ensure you are seen by a reputable dental clinic and a dentist who has been quality-checked by us. This means you can be assured of your dentist’s qualifications and know-how, as all dentists in the Philippines are registered and regulated by the Philippine Regulation Commission. Their professional standards are on par with regulatory bodies in most industrialized nations. Our top-rated clinics in the Philippines include: 

• Sacred Heart Dental Clinic

• Bonifacio Dental Center

• Smile MakeOver Dental Aesthetic Center

How Long Do Dental Fillings Take in the Philippines?

Depending on the size of the filling, the treatment normally takes less than half an hour.

For "direct" (same day and smaller) fillings, the procedure is straightforward, First, the area around the infected tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic. Then your dentist removes the decayed areas, and the cavity is thoroughly cleaned and packed with the chosen filling material. Your dentist will discuss the pros and cons of the various filling materials (gold, silver, porcelain, etc), based on your budget, age, cosmetic preferences and other considerations. 

After a few minutes, when the filling has set, your dentist will shape the filling until you are both happy with the feel and fit.

That's it!

What Do Dental Fillings Cost in Australia or New Zealand Compared to the Philippines?

Dental fillings can be made from a number of materials including composite, porcelain, amalgam and even gold and this will ultimately affect the price.

In Australia and New Zealand, composite dental fillings cost around AUD $150, whereas in the Philippines they can cost as little as AUD $14.

For budget-minded people who may have delayed a necessary trip to the dentist, the cost savings may prove too compelling to resist!

How Do I Book My Dental Fillings in the Philippines?

For emergency or routine appointments just call our toll-free number or book online. With Dental Departures, you can compare prices, read reviews and view clinic photos so you can choose and book with confidence.  Or you can book directly online with us right here any time of the day or night. There's never a charge to you for our services.

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