Fillings in Cebu City

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Cebu City

Last fact-checked: 7 March 2020

You can restore decayed teeth and smile with confidence with dental fillings in Cebu City. Our partner clinics located throughout this well-developed region of the Philippines offer first-class dental care at reasonable prices, meaning you can treat your mouth to some much-needed TLC while saving some cash at the same time.

The island of Cebu can be reached via Ninoy Aquino International Airport or Mactan-Cebu International Airport, with various airlines offering affordable fares. This makes Cebu a great option for tourists who want to save on travel costs - while accommodation can also be found to suit a range of budgets, from hostels to beach resorts and surprisingly affordable luxury hotels. In terms of getting around Cebu and the surround province, think taxi, jeepney, bus, and tricycle, all widely available and dependant on how far you need to go.

Most locals speak English and radiate a friendly spirit, which delights many tourists. Visit historic sites, relax on a nearby beach and taste the popular 'lechon' Cebu (roast pig) or dried mangoes.

What Are Dental Fillings?

A filling is a material applied to your cavity after removing the decay. The process starts with the dentist numbing your teeth, gums, and soft tissues with an anesthetic. The dentist will then apply a jelly-like substance and inject local anesthesia. A rubber dam will be placed in your mouth to keep the target area clean and free from any liquid, then the decayed areas will be drilled out, cleaned and replaced with dental fillings.

What Are the Different Types of Fillings Available in Cebu?

Fillings are made from various materials, which include amalgam, composite resin, ionomers, gold and ceramic, all of which are explained in brief below:

  • Although amalgam is the fastest and least costly, the toxicity of mercury has become quite controversial in recent years. This is why many patients are now opting to replace these types of fillings with other materials
  • Composite resins match the color of your natural teeth and bond to the structure of the tooth
  • Ionomers are also tooth-colored fillings that are used for small cavities
  • Gold is quite costly and involves a long treatment process
  • Ceramic fillings are also tooth-colored that require the use of special equipment and are produced in a laboratory

This all begs the question, which material should I go for? Your dentist will help you determine which type of filling is best for you. Feel free to talk to your dentist in Cebu about any concerns you may have and ask questions that come to mind.

How Do I Care for My Teeth After Dental Fillings?

Take care of your teeth after fillings by keeping up with your daily oral hygiene – brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash regularly. Visit the dentist for check-ups and regular teeth cleaning.

How Much Can I Save on Fillings in Cebu City?

The cost of fillings depends on the type of material you choose, the extent of the damage and some other factors. Treatment price is approximately USD $16.46 (CAD $21.37; AUD $22.15; NZD $23.18; UK £12.26) in Cebu.

Those savings are never going to be worth traveling to the Philippines just for this simple dental procedure (unlike other more serious work, like All-on-4s, where you can save thousands) - but it could be well worth your while if you are planning (or at least thinking about) a trip to this stunning part of the world. 

To get started, check out these leading clinics in Cebu City for affordable fillings:

What Can You Say About the Clinics in Cebu?

Clinics in Cebu are clean, modern, and comfortable; equipped with the latest technology. Dentists are well-trained and highly-skilled.

Booking with Dental Departures ensures you will be seen at a dental clinic with all the proper and up-to-date credentials. We conduct onsite visits, verify dentist qualifications, check professional memberships and publish real patient reviews on our site - all available for you to make your own decision as to which clinic is best for you.

How Can I Book an Appointment with a Dentist in Cebu?

Book an appointment with a clinic in Cebu City for your dental fillings with the help of Dental Departures. Browse clinic photos, look at the dentist profiles, read patient reviews, compare prices and take advantage of discounts when you book online through Dental Departures. You can book with us any time of the day or night, and there is never a charge to you for our services.

You can also contact our Customer Care Team to book an appointment over the phone, via email or our online chat facility. 


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