Fillings in Karon

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Karon

Save money on routine and emergency dental fillings in Karon Beach with Dental Departure’s quality-checked dentists. Let us show you how.

How much are dental fillings in Karon Beach compared with Australia and New Zealand?

The cost very much depends on what material you use. Dental fillings can be made from a variety of materials including amalgam, composite, porcelain, zirconia and even gold.

Nowadays, most people prefer to have natural-looking tooth-colored fillings and choose composite, porcelain or zirconia rather than the old silver-colored amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings have also fallen out of vogue because of the worry concerning the health effects of mercury.

White composite fillings are one of the cheapest materials, costing around AUD $150 in Australia, but in Karon Beach are less than AUD $20. You can soon see how it adds up to a substantial sum if you are having several fillings done.

How long do dental fillings take in Karon Beach?

Dental fillings are generally completed in less than an hour, although some larger back teeth may take longer. They are quick and easy to carry out, and usually carry no after-effects, apart from the numb mouth after the local anesthetic, which takes a little while to wear-off after the treatment.

You will be given the local anesthetic to numb your mouth before the dentist uses a drill to start removing the decayed areas from your tooth. Once finished, the tooth will be cleansed thoroughly and the chosen filling material used to pack the resulting cavity.

This will be left to harden momentarily, after which your dentist will file and shape the tooth until your bite feels right and you are both happy with it.

Why have dental fillings in Karon Beach?

People tend to think of going abroad for dental treatment for big procedures, when in fact, minor dental problems such as fillings can just as easily be treated while you are on holiday. The benefits are threefold:

• It is significantly cheaper
• Taking care of minor problems like fillings will greatly improve your overall oral health, substantially reducing the risk of bigger problems at a later date
• Wouldn’t it be better to have the filling and not have to rush back to work?

If you are at all worried about the health risks of amalgam fillings, and are considering having all yours removed, having them removed while on holiday may the only affordable option you have.

Our Karon Beach dentists have all been quality-checked and you can rely on getting a high-quality service, at the best possible prices. Our website includes plenty of information regarding dentists and their qualifications, as well as clinic photos, virtual tours and real patient reviews.

Booking with us ensures you are seen by a reputable dentist who we have background checked and our price guarantee means you will receive your dental fillings in Karon Beach at the lowest cost available.

Karon Beach’s dentists are located in the heart of the resort, so taking a few hours out from your holiday schedule shouldn’t impinge on your holiday enjoyment too much – and you will feel ever-so-virtuous after you have completed your dental treatment.

Can I book online for my dental fillings in Karon Beach?

Yes - book with Dental Departures online for your dental fillings in Karon Beach. See how much you can save and compare our prices. Discover our exclusive discounts and best price guarantee. If you want to ask us any questions, please get in touch with us via our online chat, phone our Toll-free number or drop us an e-mail – we’re here 24/7 and always happy to help.



(Image by: Miles Goodhew)