Fillings in Turkey

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Turkey

Save on dental care by arranging to see a dentist while you’re on holiday. Even for less expensive procedures like dental fillings Turkey can offer you opportunity to save some money—and you can expect good quality and service comparable to your dental clinic at home.


In the last year, a survey by the BBC of 2,500 dentists on the NHS Choices website revealed half were not accepting new adult NHS patients, and around two-fifths were not accepting new child NHS patients. If you and your loved ones are in this position, then taking the whole family to a private dentist in the UK, even for check-ups and routine maintenance, could be an expensive proposition. When you consider that a tooth-coloured composite filling costs an average of £130 you can see how a family of four can soon rack up a bill of over £500 just on basic dental care. So, for many families on tight budgets, it’s easy to forego regular dental check-ups. Unfortunately, this is folly as in time more expensive treatments will be required to fix small problems that have grown into bigger, more expensive treatment.


Dental tourism may not be anyone’s idea of a great holiday, but it’s definitely worth considering to save your family’s dental health. Plus, if you’re on holiday, you’ll be much more relaxed and not have to worry about hurrying back to work or getting the kids back to school. One afternoon out of your time off can help offset costs and save you hassles back at home!


What Are the Prices for Fillings in Turkey?


The table below shows the cost of dental fillings prices in Turkey compared to other countries. With savings of over 60% you can see that it makes sense to consider dental tourism for you or your family:



UK £


US $



NZ $

Dental Fillings Cost at home







Dental Fillings Cost in









Are the Dentists in Turkey Reliable?


Our best dentists in Turkey are highly skilled and accustomed to treating international patients. They have excellent training and the clinics tend to be new, state-of-the-art facilities with the most up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. You’ll also find that most dentists speak fluent English, with clinics located conveniently in tourist areas rather than somewhere out in the sticks.


We understand your apprehension about seeing a dentist on holiday, especially overseas—which is why we have compiled extensive listings of the best facilities in Turkey and around the world. Our listings include photos of clinics, verified patient reviews, maps and prices so you can easily find a suitable dental provider near where you are staying.


We also run background checks on legal/criminal records, do our own onsite visits and verify dentist qualifications, as well as professional memberships—which you can also see under each clinic listing. So, when you book with Dental Departures you are safe in the knowledge that you will be seen at a trustworthy clinic that has been substantiated.


What about the Materials Used in Fillings? Can I Get White Fillings Rather than Metal?


The same materials that your dentist at home uses are all available in Turkey. One positive from globalization is that you will find the same brands and materials available throughout the world, as well as equipment and new techniques. Thus, if you want white fillings either with tooth-coloured composite resin or porcelain, your dentist in Turkey will happily oblige.


How Long Will a Filling Take?


Fillings take up hardly any time at all—usually no more than a couple hours, including the wait! After a thorough check-up the dentist will use a local anaesthetic to numb the area around your tooth that requires a filling. After a few minutes, once the anaesthetic has taken effect, your dentist will remove all the decayed areas of the tooth. The resulting cavity is cleansed and the filling applied. You will wait for the filling to set for another few minutes before the dentist begins to shape the filling so that it feels comfortable.


Is Turkey a Safe Country for Dental Tourists?


Concerning the quality of dental care, if you choose a good clinic then you shouldn’t experience problems having your teeth filled by any of our listed dentists. All our clinics’ work is warranted, and our Customer Care Team will work with you to resolve matters in the unlikely event you experience a problem.


As a holiday destination, Turkey is generally safe for tourists, particularly at the major tourist attractions and holiday resorts along the Mediterranean and Aegean Coasts. You should avoid traveling to the far southeast of the country bordering Syria, due to the possibility of terrorist threats and violence in that vicinity. This is hundreds of miles away from the popular tourist spots, where you are more likely to fall prey to petty crime, such as pickpocketing, that holidaymakers sometimes experience if they aren’t on the alert.


What Are the Best Dental Clinics in Turkey?


You have access to dozens of dental clinics throughout Turkey, so if you haven’t decided on your holiday location yet, then maybe these will give you some food for thought.


Istanbul: Turkey’s former capital (when it was known as Constantinople) is still a huge draw for tourists. Not only does Istanbul feature breath-taking architecture from long gone empires, but its location straddling the shimmering Bosphorus Straits is the stuff of poetry. This stretch of water bisects the city, and while the west side is on the European mainland, the east, called the Anatolian Side, is in Asia. So, you actually get two destinations in one and although the famous architecture, like the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace are on the European side, it’s great to get a view of Istanbul’s famous skyline and landmarks from the Asia side.


The ferry is only 20 minutes (or you can walk across the bridge) and you’ll find the other side to be more relaxed with creatives, hipsters, cool coffee houses and trendy boutiques giving it a much more laid-back vibe than the European side.


For low-cost fillings, give Dent Group International a try on the European side.


Antalya: Antalya is on Turkey’s southeast coast and thanks to its international airport is one of the country’s fastest-growing cities. Although many people don’t even see Antalya as they head straight out to other resorts along the Med, the city boasts its own attractions. First settled in 200 BC by the Romans, like many locations in Turkey, Antalya has seen empires come and go. However, monuments and buildings still remain, such as Hadrian’s Gate, built by the Romans, and Hidirlik Tower.


Overlooking the turquoise Mediterranean Sea and with the Taurus Mountains behind it, Antalya is an inviting location and certainly worth a stopover, if only so you can take a morning or afternoon to get your fillings at Beyaz Ada Clinic.


Marmaris: This stunning coastal destination is also located along the Turquoise Coast of the Turkish Riviera and has been a popular holiday destination for Brits for some years. The beach is busy and pebbly, with all sorts of water sports available and a long promenade meandering around the seafront—popular for walking, sightseeing, dining or just sitting and watching the world go by while you enjoy a sunset cocktail.


Marmaris is another pretty location with pine-clad mountains surrounding the city where you can go for a forest walk to get out of the heat, or you can wait until it gets cooler in the evening and take a walk down Bar Street if music venues and clubs float your boat. Necip Albayrak Dental Clinic is one you should look up for your dental work while you’re in town.


Further Information


Speak to our Customer Care Team for further information about dental fillings in Turkey, or any other work you may be considering along with your travels.