Root Canal in Guadalajara

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Guadalajara

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What's the cost of root canals in Guadalajara compared to the United States and Canada?

The average price for a root canal alone in the United States is around $1280 compared to £150 in Guadalajara. Many people also require a crown with their root canal which can set you back around $2,200 in the United States, but only $600 in Guadalajara.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is needed when the soft tissue inside the tooth becomes infected. This may lead to a painful abscess, which can lead to the loss of the tooth if it isn’t treated.

Root canal treatment involves removing the infected tissue and root and with thorough cleaning and packing the cavity with filling material should result in the tooth being saved. For larger back teeth where the removal of the tissue results in a big cavity it is usually advisable to strengthen the tooth with a crown.

What is involved in the treatment of root canals?

Most people grimace at the thought of a root canal, but the procedure is done under a local anesthetic and isn’t painful, and the after-effects are no worse than a normal tooth filling.

During the procedure your dentist will need to gain access to the nerve in the tooth root. A small opening will be made in the top of the tooth in order for your dentist to reach the pulp and root canals. The infected tissue and debris is removed through the hole and the resulting cavity cleansed thoroughly. To ensure there is no sign of infection a temporary filling will be placed, which will be removed and replaced with the permanent filling or crown restoration after a few days if there is no infection.

How long does root canal treatment take in Guadalajara?

A root canal may be carried out in only one or two appointments–providing that there is no infection or other complications. Any infection will need to be cleared up with a course of antibiotic before the root canal treatment can start. Patients traveling from abroad will want to undergo a course of antibiotics administered by a dentist at home, which should commence at least 10 days before you arrive in Mexico City. Then you can start your treatment immediately.

The treatment will start with x-rays in order for your dentist to see where the infected root pulp is located. After this, the area will be numbed with local anesthetic and a rubber dam placed around the tooth to keep the area clean and free from debris. The dentist will then access the infected pulp and remove it. The empty chamber will be cleaned, sterilized and filled.

If the tooth is large you will probably need a crown, so a temporary filling will be used until the restoration (crown) is fitted. if your dentist's clinic has an in-house laboratory using CAD/CAM technologies, you can usually have permanent crowns completed in one or two days. 

Why have root canal treatment in Guadalajara?

For many people, root canal treatment is so expensive that they end up losing their tooth because they cannot afford it. Even with the additional expenses of travel and accommodation, your root canal treatment in Guadalajara is considerably less than at home – and more than enough to pay for a holiday.

Root canal treatment should be undertaken by a specialist, called an endodontist. It is important you see a specialist endodontist for your root canal treatment as seeing someone who is not an expertise in this field could lead to further problems – and pain.

With Dental Departures you can find clinics with an endodontist, so you can be confident you are receiving care from an expert in that field. We let you make an informed choice about your dentist with lots of helpful information, including clinic photos, virtual tours and real patient reviews.

Mexico is becoming one of the world leaders in medical and dental tourism, having built up a reputation for affordable, high-quality care. Dentists here are used to treating overseas patients, and, in fact, many clinics have been established specifically to cater to the needs of international clients. These clinics offer a superior standard of service, are equipped with the latest technology and use high-grade materials. They have an excellent reputation and are keen to maintain that reputation by delivering a consistently good experience.

Guadalajara is Mexico’s second city and offers much to tourists from a cultural perspective and arts perspective, and the historic center is not only pleasing on the eye, but the plazas and public parks make it a joy to wander around in. Good cuisine and a nightlife encompassing low-key bars to trendy nightclubs make it an all-round spot to visit, whatever your tastes.

How do I book an appointment?

It’s easy. Book an appointment in Guadalajara online or call toll-free. With Dental Departures you’ll get the best prices and the best dentist for your root canal in Guadalajara.