Root Canal in Manila

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Manila

Last fact-checked: 12 February 2020

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Aussies and kiwis requiring root canal treatment will find they can get a much better deal in Manila – in fact, around a tenth of the price they’d pay at home. Root canal treatment is a necessary procedure if you want to save a tooth from extraction. 

Manila is an enormous city, with both modern and historic districts providing different areas of interest for visitors. Culturally, its fusion of Asian, Spanish-European and American cultures is fascinating, and with everyone speaking English there are no communication problems.

Why Have Root Canals in Manila? 

Most people arrive in Manila when they fly to the Philippines and see the city only in transit, preferring to head straight off to discover the Philippines’ more obvious attractions. Yet root canal patients will have enough time to discover that Manila itself has interesting attractions of its own including, for example, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of San Augustin Church, which certainly merits a look while you’re in town.

Standards of dental care in Manila are good, providing you book with a reputable clinic. Booking with Dental Departures gives you access to quality-checked dentists throughout Manila whose qualifications and experience have been verified by us.

Furthermore, Dental Departures provides a lowest-price guarantee which ensures you will always pay the best possible price for your treatment. 

How Long Do Root Canals Take in Manila?

While a simple root canal treatment can be achieved in one day, root canals usually take two appointments to complete, with visits likely a day or two apart.

On your first appointment, the actual root canal treatment takes place. The length of time this takes varies on how many roots and canals your tooth has. Some only have one root, and one canal – others three roots, with two canals on each – so you can see why some procedures are longer than others.

The actual procedure involved your dentist drilling down through the crown of your tooth to reach the soft pulp area in the middle of the tooth. This area has usually become infected, necessitating your root canal treatment. All debris will be removed and then each root canal will be cleared of the dead root and any other infection.

Once everything has been removed and all the cavities are empty, they will be thoroughly cleaned and packed with a temporary filling. A temporary filling is fitted initially to ensure that there is no sign of infection as this can be easily removed to clear the infection if necessary.

At your next appointment, if everything is alright with your root canal treatment, your dentist will proceed with removing the temporary filling and replacing it with a permanent filling.

If your tooth is large, you may need to have a permanent restoration fitted, such as a crown, and your dentist will take impressions at this point to send to the lab so the crown can be custom-made.

Any patients with infections prior to root canal treatment will need antibiotics for 10 days before treatment commences. These can usually be given to you by your dentist at home before you travel so the infection will be clear by the time you start your treatment in Manila.

How Much Can I Save on Root Canal Treatment Compared to Australia and New Zealand?

The size of the tooth, number of root canals, filling material and whether restoration is needed will all affect the price. On average, the price in Australia is around AUD $1,250, compared to AUD $200 in Manila.

For a root canal and restoration, the average price in Australia is AUD $2,100, compared to AUD $800 in Manila.

Having a root canal while visiting Manila may be a cost-effective solution for patients who are unable or unwilling to meet the costs at home.

Book Your Root Canals in Manila

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