Root Canal in Turkey

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Turkey

Get a root canal in Turkey for less than half the price at home, and with the savings enjoy a holiday in this beautiful country where you can have the pick of cultural attractions and gorgeous coastlines.


Do I Need a Root Canal Treatment?


Most of us find out we need a root canal when we get a swelling in the gum line that may be painful and discharging pus. A trip to the dentist usually confirms an infection in the soft centre of the tooth (the pulp chamber). A course of antibiotics is usually prescribed to get rid of the initial infection, with instructions to return once the course of antibiotics is finished to get the root canal treatment.


Besides having the tooth extracted, the only remedy is a root canal. While most of us would rather not lose a tooth, it may be the only choice if faced with a dental bill we can’t afford. More and more patients are opting to travel to popular dental destinations, where dental treatments can be had for 50-80% less than what you would pay at home.


Is a Root Canal Treatment Suitable for Dental Tourists?


There are several steps involved in the root canal procedure, and it may take up to two weeks to complete the treatment in full. This may in part be because treatment can’t commence until any infection has cleared. However, if you have had antibiotics at home and are infection-free then the root canal procedure can be completed within five-seven days once you are in Turkey.


The thought of a root canal treatment seems to strike fear into many of us, although why this is so remains a mystery—it is usually no more uncomfortable than a filling, which is, essentially what it is. The difference between a root canal and a normal filling is that a filling is to fill cavities left by decay on the surface of the tooth, whereas a root canal tackles problems on the inside. The only other difference is that a root canal usually takes a good while longer than a filling—and most of us can think of better things to do than sit in the dentist’s chair for several hours!


What Happens During the Root Canal Procedure?

During your consultation, the dentist will examine your mouth and take x-rays to determine if there is any infection, and also to determine the number of tooth roots. Your mouth is numbed with local anaesthetic and a rubber dam placed over the tooth to be worked on to keep the area dry.


Once the anaesthetic has taken effect and your mouth is numb, the dentist accesses the pulp chamber in the centre of your tooth by drilling into the top of the tooth. Decayed nerves and other material are cleared and cleansed thoroughly from the pulp chamber and the root canals. Once complete, an antibiotic medication may be placed in the chamber with a temporary filling to seal it.


A few days later, you will return to the dentist who will remove the temporary filling and inspect the pulp chamber. If everything is as it should be, your dentist will then place a permanent filling. At this point, your root canal treatment may be complete. However, if the dentist has had to remove a large part of the tooth, the structure may be compromised and the tooth weakened. This is when a crown will also need to be placed to provide strength to your tooth, otherwise it may eventually break and you will have to have what’s left of it extracted.


If a crown is required, the dentist should have already discussed this with you earlier on in the proceedings, impressions taken and sent to the lab where your crown is made. Hopefully, the lab will have returned the crown by the time you go back to get your permanent filling, and so you can have the crown placed on the same day.


What are the Prices for Root Canals in Turkey?


The price of a root canal in Turkey is around half the price it is at home, as the table below demonstrates:


Root Canal Cost (inc post core and standard crown)

UK £


US $



NZ $

Root Canal Cost - home







Root Canal Cost - Turkey








Will the Quality of a Root Canal in Turkey Be as Good as Home?


At our best clinics, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get good quality root canals in Turkey, providing you choose a reputable dental facility. It is in the interests of all dentists treating international patients to maintain the best care available, which many do by undertaking ongoing training, having the most up-to-date equipment and adhering to world-renowned protocols on hygiene and safety .


It's always wise to do your own research if you are heading to a dental clinic abroad. However, by booking with Dental Departures you can save yourself the lion’s share of this bother as we’ve already carried out our own research. We carry out a number of checks, including verification of dentist qualifications and professional memberships, as well as onsite visits and meeting of the staff. Our listings include clinic photos, patient reviews and prices, so you can choose your dentist with confidence knowing that they come up to scratch.


Where are Your Clinics Located in Turkey?


We have clinics located in popular cities and resorts throughout Turkey, so whether you are looking for a beach holiday or city break, there’s bound to be somewhere to suit.


Istanbul: One of the world’s most scintillating cities with plenty of clinics here to choose from, including the Istanbul Dental Clinic and Dent Group International – Istanbul.


Antalya: Antalya is a popular destination as the airport is near, the city has plenty going for it in terms of exploring Turkeys past with Ottoman and Roman relics, there are beaches and it’s also a gateway to get around to other parts of the Turkish Riviera. Dental clinics here include Beyaz Ada Dental and Alanya Dental Center .


But it doesn’t end there. We also have clinics in Ankara, Marmaris and Izmir, so check out our listings to determine your most desirable location..


Further Information

You can book an appointment for a root canal in Turkey online, or speak to our Customer Care Team if you have any questions or would like to know more.