Root Canal in Dubai

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Dubai

Last fact-checked: 14 October 2020

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Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal is required when the pulp chamber—the soft centre of the tooth, which contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, becomes infected.

This typically happens because of teeth cavities, which are caused by the acid produced by bacteria living in our mouths. The acid erodes our teeth, causing cracks and holes which allow bacteria to penetrate to the pulp chamber.

Once the pulp chamber is infected, the only way to save your tooth is with a root canal treatment, which removes all the soft tissue inside the tooth, cleans the chamber thoroughly and seals the tooth to prevent further infection.

Is a Root Canal Painful?

Root canal treatments seem to have a bad rap, although it’s hard to see why when you realise what the treatment actually entails (which is explained further down). In fact, this common procedure provides a great deal of relief from the pain or discomfort caused by an infected tooth. Infection can irritate the nerves, cause swollen gums and pus boils, which are very unpleasant when they burst.

The root canal procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel a thing. Also, following your root canal treatment, you shouldn’t experience any pain as, in effect, it’s little worse than a dental filling, although it does take longer to carry out.

What Is the Procedure for a Root Canal?

The root canal treatment may entail several trips to the dentist, which can be summarised as:

1: Treatment of Infection

Before the root canal procedure is carried out, the dentist will need you to be infection-free. Thus, the first part of the process is for you to take a course of antibiotics, which usually lasts for seven days.

2: Root Canal Procedure

When you next see the dentist, the root canal procedure will be carried out. A local anaesthetic is administered to numb the area around the infected tooth. A hole is then made in the top of the tooth so the dentist can access the pulp chamber. The dentist starts the process of removing the infected material, first clearing the pulp chamber and then proceeding down each tooth root and subsequent root canals.

Teeth have two or three tooth roots, each of which has one or two root canals. So, your dentist may have two root canals to clear, or six. Obviously, the more root canals, the longer the procedure will take.

Once your dentist has removed all the debris from inside the tooth, it can be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, before being sealed with a temporary filling. A temporary filling is used so the dentist can check the tooth after a few days to ensure no infection is present. If the tooth is fine, a permanent filling will be placed.

3: Dental Crown

If you had a large amount of decay removed from the surface of the tooth, the structure may be compromised, leaving it weakened. To strengthen it, your dentist may decide to place a dental crown over it. This means you will have to have impressions of your mouth made that will be sent to a laboratory where your crown is made to measure. This typically takes a few days.

However, many modern dental clinics now have computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology that allows your dentist to manufacture your crown on-site, while you wait—a huge bonus for international patients visiting Dubai who are often short on time.

How Much do Root Canals Cost in Dubai

Check out the root canal prices in Dubai compared to your home country in the table below:

Root Canal Cost

UK £


US $



Root Canal Price – Home






Root Canal Price – Dubai






( Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment).

How Can I Ensure A Good Quality Root Canal Procedure in Dubai?

We understand that you want to obtain the very best dental care available when you go to Dubai, which is why we always recommend that you do your own research to find a dentist you can trust. No medical or dental procedure can be guaranteed completely, but you can reduce any potential risk-factor by choosing a reliable dental clinic.

With Dental Departures, you have the benefit of our experience. We have spent years working with dental providers across the world, and only partner with the very best.

All of the facilities listed on our website have been through our screening process, which includes onsite visits, verifying professional memberships and confirming dentist qualifications. We also search legal/criminal records and collate real patient reviews. Each listing on our site includes clinic photos, prices and location maps so you can find the dentist that is most suitable for your needs.

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The Bottom Line

Book your free appointment directly online for your root canal in Dubai, or contact Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team  for further information. Available 24/7, you can also ask about our other services, including finance, hotel booking and insurance.



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