Root Canal in Vietnam

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Vietnam

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canals in Vietnam

Save your tooth with root canal treatment in Vietnam. The expense is off-putting for a lot of people, but better to keep your tooth rather than have an unsightly gap. You can save as much as 90% at Vietnamese dentists, compared to the price you’d pay at home – more than enough to pay for a fantastic holiday!

The very thought of root canal treatment makes most of us cringe – but it really isn’t that bad. It may take a little longer than a filling but you shouldn’t experience any more pain than you would a filling. However, it is a specialist procedure, and depending on your particular circumstances, may take up to two weeks to complete entirely.

Why have Root Canals in Vietnam?

The savings are the main reason, but you also want to ensure you see dentist with expertise in this particular area, called an endodontist. Endodontists are skilled, and while root canal treatment is straightforward, if it isn’t done properly you could end up with a heap more trouble.

This is why choosing a trustworthy dentist who has the qualifications and know-how to deal with your root canal is so important. At Dental Departures we background-check our dentists and list their qualifications and specialist areas on our website, alongside real patient reviews and clinic photos – and we also check criminal and legal records. So, you can choose your dentist knowing they are fully reliable.

With regard to the standards of dental care in Vietnam, you should find that they really aren’t any different to what you’re used to at home. The same technology is in use here, and the same branded materials employed in manufacturing crowns, or other prosthodontics.

How long do Root Canals take in Vietnam?

You may need a number of appointments to complete your root canal, depending on how complicated your particular situation is, and whether you have an infection.

If you do have an infection, the root canal procedure will not be done until the infection is cleared, so if you are traveling specifically to Vietnam for the procedure then it is worth starting antibiotics while you are still at home.

When you get to Vietnam, the root canal procedure will be carried out at your first appointment, if you don’t have any signs of infection. It could take several hours, depending on the size of the tooth, and how many roots it has. Each root must be removed and the canal cleared and cleaned. When all the roots are removed and cleaned they are ready for filling. However, to make sure there is no infection, your dentist will put in place a temporary filling and ask you to return a few days later.

At your next visit, if there is no infection, the permanent fillings will be done. If the tooth is large, you may need a crown to strengthen it, in which case you will have impressions made for a crown and will need to return again a few days later to have it fitted.

What is the cost comparison of Root Canals in Australia and New Zealand to Vietnam?

The cost will be dependent upon the number of root canals, the filling material used, whether a crown is needed and the size of your tooth. As a rough guide, the cost averages at around AUD $2,800 in Australia, compared to only AUD $280 in Vietnam – a massive difference!

Can I book online?

Yes you can. Book online, call us on our toll-free number or email us. You can also speak in real time to our Customer Care Team via our online chat facility. See what'son offer at our clinics and compare our prices - we guarantee the best.

We make it easy to book your root canals in Vietnam, as well as compare prices and read patient testimonials. We also offer exclusive online discounts, so book with us and we guarantee the best prices.