Veneers in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Veneers in Pattaya

Get a brand new smile with dental veneers in Pattaya. Save up to 70% on prices at home and change discoloured, damaged and uneven teeth into a straight, white smile. 

Although the procedure is relatively straightforward it is expensive, depending on the materials used, but visitors to Pattaya can get their dental veneers for appreciably less than they would at home.

You can opt for veneers to fix a wide variety of problems; badly stained teeth that are resistant to other treatments; teeth that chipped, broken or damaged; crooked teeth or even to close gaps in your teeth in order to give you a more uniform smile.

The treatment isn’t painful, although you may have some sensitivity for a few days following treatment. This minor discomfort will be well worth it, and you will be even more thrilled with the results with the incredible savings you will make by having your treatment in Pattaya.

Why have Dental Veneers in Pattaya?

Thailand’s reputation as the ‘land of smiles’ is no more fitting than when you return home from Pattaya with your brand new smile and your renewed confidence. People at home will notice there is something different about you, but many won’t realise exactly what it is – with some even complimenting you on your new haircut! Dental veneers will make a positive change in your appearance, but without being radically obvious.

What will be patently obvious to you is the price difference of dental veneers in Pattaya to the same procedure at home. But even though the prices are much lower there are no concessions made on the quality of the treatment.

It is important to make sure with any procedure you are having done that you have done your research as there are good and bad dentists wherever you go. Our quality checks assure you that your dentist will provide good-quality treatment with many dental tourists believing their Thailand dentists are more knowledgeable than their dentist at home.

How long do Dental Veneers take in Pattaya?

The majority of patients require two appointments over a period of 5 days to complete their dental veneers treatment, although it is sometimes possible to do the whole procedure in a day if your dentist has CAD/CAM in-house ceramic studios and you are only having a few veneers done.

At your first appointment your teeth will be prepared to receive the veneers. A very thin slice of enamel is removed by your dentist from the front of the teeth, after which impressions are taken and sent to the lab to custom-make the veneers.

After a few days your dentist will receive the veneers back from the lab and you will return to have them applied. This is done using a special adhesive and doesn’t take too long. After the application of the veneers your teeth will be cleaned thoroughly to remove an traces of adhesive and the procedure is complete.

What is the cost comparison of Dental Veneers in Australia and New Zealand compared with Pattaya?

The cost will depend on the material used for your veneers which your dentist will discuss with you before treatment begins.

At home each veneer will cost you in the region of AUD $1,200 but in Pattaya they are around AUD $259 – a considerable difference.

Even with flights and accommodation costs you can easily save thousands of dollars by having your dental veneers in Pattaya – especially if you are having a number of them. That  perfect smile you want is within easy reach in Pattaya.

How do I book?

Use our free phone number, online chat or e-mail us to book, or if you have any questions about dental veneers in Pattaya. Or, you can simply book an appointment with us online. Our website is packed full of information about our dentists with clinic photos and patient reviews so you can really get the low-down on what to expect. 


(Image by: Bart van Poll)