Whitening in Colombia

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Colombia

Last fact-checked: 29 March 2020

More people than ever are taking the opportunity to save on their dental costs by combining treatment with a vacation. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your smile quickly and effectively, then why not consider laser teeth whitening in Colombia? You’ll save at least 60% on the costs at home and it will only take a few hours out of your holiday. By the time you land back home, you’ll be able to show off your dramatically whiter smile having enjoyed a trip to remember.

Colombia is on the up —so much so that is now firmly on the tourist trail for visitors who want to experience an alternative destination with a rich culture and endless adventure.

If you’ve already booked or are thinking of booking a trip to Colombia, then no doubt you are already aware of its attractions. Colonial enclaves, Caribbean islands and exciting, vibrant cities that are a world away from the violent streets born out of decades-long conflicts between governments, paramilitary groups and drug cartels that were the norm only 20 years ago.

What is the Cost of Teeth Whitening in Colombia?

Compare the prices for teeth whitening in Colombia with dental clinics at home. As you can see, dental and medical procedures are a lot less —plus, booking through Dental Departures guarantees you the best price.


US $


UK £



Teeth whitening cost – home






Teeth whitening cost – Colombia






Is Teeth Whitening a Good Treatment for Dental Tourists?

● Most dental procedures can be undertaken abroad as a dental tourist. However, for a quick-fix cosmetic dental treatment that has immediately noticeable results, laser teeth whitening has got to be one of the most effective. It only takes a few hours out of your time, and it is a suitable treatment for most (although not all) people.

● If you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening you should experience no side-effects following the treatment, aside from maybe some increased sensitivity for a day or two.

Is Laser Teeth Whitening Suitable for Everyone?

Make sure you do some research on teeth whitening to check on your suitability. If you have sensitive teeth or underlying dental health issues, such as gum disease or teeth cavities, then teeth whitening, particularly laser teeth whitening, may well lead to increased sensitivity, pain and/or even more damage to your teeth and gums. It’s also important not to overdo teeth whitening procedures.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that those who have antibiotic staining to their teeth will see little effect, regardless of how strong the bleaching gel is. This is because teeth whitening only works extrinsically (on the outside) of the tooth, rather than intrinsically (on the inside), which is where antibiotic stains are. Dental veneers are usually the best treatment for antibiotic staining.

What About Other Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Dental clinics usually offer at-home whitening kits too. They aren’t as effective as laser whitening treatments, but they will make a noticeable difference—and certainly more than over-the-counter remedies you can buy at the drugstore.


Can I Trust the Quality of the Teeth Whitening in Colombia?

● Colombia’s medical and dental tourism industry is growing thanks to its skilled medical staff and modern facilities. Dentists in Colombia train for five years and then have a year in public service before they become fully-qualified. After that, specialist training and further training is something that individual dentists undertake, depending on their areas of interest.

● Dentists in Colombia use the same materials as your dentist at home, and world-renowned brands, including Zoom® and Britesmile®, are available in Colombia.

● Dental Departures has partnered with clinics that are reliable. We have carried out background checks on all the verified clinics listed on our website, and only feature those that we would be happy to have treatment at ourselves. Our checks include onsite visits and legal/criminal records. We also confirm dentist qualifications, professional memberships and collect real patient reviews. You can view this information under each listing, as well as see maps, clinic photos and prices. This is everything you need to make an informed choice as to which facility is right for you.

Some of our most popular clinics in Colombia you may want to take a look at include:

Dentica by Cristina Suaza in Bogota

International Smiles in Medellin

Centro de Implantes de la Costa by Julio Oliver in Cartagena

Estetica Dental Avanzada in Cali

What is the Procedure for Teeth Whitening?

Laser Teeth Whitening: Laser teeth whitening is carried out in the dentist’s office and generally takes a couple of hours. The dentist will match up the color of your teeth (prior to the treatment) against a shade chart, and again after treatment, so you can see how many shades whiter your teeth become.

Your teeth are then cleaned thoroughly by the dentist to remove tartar and stains. A rubber dam will then be placed around the teeth to protect the gums and soft tissues of the mouth from the bleaching gel that is applied to the teeth. You will also be given protective eyewear to shield the eyes from the laser beam.

The next stage is to apply the lightening gel to the teeth. Although the principles are always the same (i.e. gel is applied to the teeth and a laser beam used to activate the bleaching properties), different systems may need the gel to be applied for varying amounts of time. Some systems require just one longer application (for around 45 minutes) while others require multiple, shorter applications. Either way, the end-results should be roughly the same.

After the final application of gel and laser, the dentist will remove all traces of gel and clean the teeth thoroughly again. You are then shown your new smile alongside the shade chart.

At-Home Whitening Kits:  These require two visits to the dentist. During your first visit, the dentist will take impressions of your mouth which are sent a lab where custom trays are made to fit over your teeth. These are to hold the whitening gel. Once the dentist has received the trays back from the lab you can go back to collect them and the gel. Your dentist will demonstrate how they should be used; usually, the simple procedure involves squeezing a small amount of gel into each tray and placing them over your teeth before you go to bed. In the morning, remove and clean the trays (and your teeth) then repeat the following night—for up to 2 weeks.

You can obtain more gel from the dentist if you want to top-up the whitening effects at a later date, but do make sure you don’t overdo it!

Getting Started with Teeth Whitening During a Trip to Colombia

You can book an appointment online for your teeth whitening in Colombia. Alternatively, contact our Customer Care Team if you’d like to discuss it further or obtain a free, no-obligation quote.


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