Whitening in India

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in India

Last fact-checked: 5 April 2020

Transform your smile with teeth whitening in India. Your smile can be one of your best assets—and you can supercharge it in less than a couple of hours with minimal disruption to your holiday to this enchanting part of the world.

Laser teeth whitening is the in-clinic treatment that whitens teeth by up to 14 shades. Alternatively, you can receive a professional, made-to-measure take-home kit that’ll give a more subtle effect, but you can easily top-up when you need to.

A beautiful smile is one of the most noticeable things about a person—and white teeth are one of the factors that make your smile more attractive, as it is associated with youth. It is true that as we get older, our teeth tend to yellow, but the primary reason for yellowing teeth is down to lifestyle rather than just age with smoking, food and drinks being the main culprits. A rule of thumb is that any food and drink that can stain your clothes can also stain your teeth (over a longer period, of course).

What Does Laser Teeth Whitening Cost in India?

You’ll save money on laser teeth whitening in India and with Dental Departure’s best price guarantee you’ll always get the lowest prices available.

Check out the dental prices at our quality-checked clinics in India’s compared to home:


UK £



NZ $

US $

Laser Teeth whitening price – home






Laser Teeth whitening price – India






( Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment).

Is Laser Teeth Whitening a Good Treatment for Dental Tourists?

Laser teeth whitening is a great treatment for dental tourists because:

It’s Quick: The treatment is over in less than a couple of hours—so you can get on with the main reason for being in India—your holiday.

Treatment Is Virtually Painless: Most people experience no side-effects or downtime, but some may have a little tooth sensitivity, which should return to normal after a few days.


It’s Effective: Laser teeth whitening produces a dramatic whitening effect.

Cost: You’ll save up to 85% on laser teeth whitening in India Prices for laser teeth whitening have generally come down in price, but you will save even more on your treatment in India—giving you more to spend on your holiday.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Laser Teeth Whitening?

Your oral health must be good before you undergo teeth whitening treatments with no active gum disease or tooth decay. The treatment is safe for people with good oral health, but teeth whitening may cause permanent damage if you already have oral health problems.

Teeth whitening treatments only work on extrinsic (external) stains on the teeth. This is the discolouration caused by smoking, food and drink. The treatment does not affect stains caused by antibiotics, which are intrinsic (internal) stains. If your main problem is antibiotic staining, the only solution open to you is with dental veneers.

Before you make a decision about any medical procedure, it is always worth your while to read up about it; you can discuss the pros and cons of teeth whitening fully with your local dentist if you get the chance before you fly to India.

What About Take-Home Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Many dental clinics also offer take-home whitening treatments. For these treatments, you will need to have impressions taken of our mouth so that custom-fit trays can be made which fit over your teeth to hold the whitening gel.

While these kits will not whiten your teeth as dramatically as laser teeth whitening, they do give you an option for a more subtle whitening effect.

What About the Quality of Teeth Whitening in India?

India’s private dental facilities are modern and well-equipped with the latest technologies. They are staffed by well-qualified, knowledgeable dentists and adhere to internationally-recognised protocols on hygiene and safety.

But, it is wise to do your due diligence and to take the time to research prospective clinics to ensure they are suitable for your needs, and have a good reputation. We understand that this may be a daunting task when trying to find out information about dental clinics overseas, which is why Dental Departures’ can help you out.

We have a vast experience of partnering with good-quality dental providers overseas, so that when you book with us you can be confident that everything is above board. We carry out background checks on each provider listed on our website, which includes verifying doctor qualifications, confirming professional memberships and doing onsite visits. We also collate real patient reviews that are published on our site, along with clinic photos, prices and location maps.

Check out our popular clinics in India for your teeth whitening:

What is the Procedure for Teeth Whitening? How Long Will it Take?

Laser Teeth Whitening: The actual laser teeth whitening procedure takes less than two hours. If you are deemed suitable for the procedure, the dentist will first remove stubborn stains and tartar from your teeth by cleaning them thoroughly. Next, a rubber dam will be placed around the teeth which provides protection against the bleaching gel for the soft tissues in your mouth. You will also be given glasses to wear to protect your eyes from the laser beam.

Once all the preliminary preparations are in place, the bleaching gel is applied to the teeth. The bleaching agents in the gel are activated with the laser beam and the gel is left on your teeth to do its work for the specified time. This will vary depending on what system your dentist uses:

● Some systems will require two or three applications of the gel and laser over a period of an or so (around 15 to 20-minute-long intervals each);

● Other systems will require just one application of around 45 minutes.

Once complete, the dentist will remove all traces of the gel and clean your teeth again. The results are noticeable immediately.

At-Home Whitening Kits: Requiring two visits to the dentist, during the first appointment the dentist will make impressions of your mouth. These are sent away to a laboratory to make your made-to-measure trays that fit over your teeth.

Once the trays have been delivered to your dentist, you can go back to pick them, and the gel up. Your dentist will check the trays fit, and demonstrate how to use them. Most people wear them at night for a period of two weeks, or until they have reached the level of whitening they desire. You can always obtain more gel from your dentist at home, but do make sure you adhere to safety precautions when using teeth bleaching gels.


Booking an Appointment for Teeth Whitening in India

Teeth whitening in India is a credible option if you are in the country on holiday, and want to take advantage of the lower prices to rejuvenate your smile. Book your appointment online quickly and easily, or get in touch with Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team if you’ve any questions. Or if you've already selected your clinic, you can schedule your appointment online right here, at any time of the day or night, with no charge to you.


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