Whitening in Agua Prieta

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Agua Prieta

Improve your smile, your looks and your confidence with laser teeth whitening in Agua Prieta. Save around 60% on the costs at home and book your appointment with Dental Departures at one of our quality-checked dentists.

Teeth whitening procedures improve your smile spectacularly and are one of the easiest cosmetic dentistry procedures to perform. If you're relatively near to Agua Prieta why not indulge in this dental procedure and treat yourself to a smile makeover?

Many dental patients from the US and Canada, but particularly those from Arizona, have been popping over the border to Agua Prieta for their dental treatment for years. A friendly town with good shopping facilities, plenty of restaurants and its convenient location make it the ideal spot to spend a few days - surrounded by miles of desert landscape making it particularly inviting for road-trip stop-offs.

Why have Teeth Whitening in Agua Prieta?

An ugly smile will really affect your confidence, but discoloured and stained teeth are so easily remedied – either with professional home teeth whitening kits or at your dentist’s office with laser teeth whitening.

Whichever system you choose you can be guaranteed your dentist in Agua Prieta will use the same teeth-whitening products that your dentist at home would, so you will not be receiving any sub-standard treatment.

In fact, dental care throughout Mexico, especially from dentists who regularly treat overseas patients, is generally of a high standard. Booking through Dental Departures will not only ensure that you will be seen by a quality-checked dentist and will also guarantee you the best price for your treatment.

How long does Teeth Whitening take in Agua Prieta?

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening take about 2 hours in your dentist’s office and produces immediate results. Your dentist will use a shade chart to gauge how many shades lighter your teeth have become after the treatment – although you won’t need this to check if they have become lighter because it is apparent immediately!

Your mouth will be prepared for the procedure so that only the teeth are exposed to the bleaching gel used to whiten the teeth. You will also be given protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the laser.

After the gel is applied the light from the laser will activate the bleach. After 15 minutes the gel is removed and the process repeated twice. After the final time your dentist removes all traces of the gel and cleans your teeth and the procedure is complete.

Professional Home Whitening Kits

This procedure is carried out by you at home, again using a bleaching gel (although not as strong as the gel used by your dentist for laser whitening).

First, you will need to have impressions made of your teeth by your dentist which are sent to the lab to make custom-fit trays. After a few days they will be ready and you will return to your dentist who will show you how to use them in combination with the gel you are given.

The treatment involves wearing the trays containing the gel for a few hours every day (or overnight) until you are happy with the degree of whiteness achieved.

What is the cost comparison of tooth whitening in Agua Prieta to the US and Canada?

Laser tooth whitening may be around $1,000 in the US, but in Agua Prieta is only $200. Home whitening kits are available in Agua Prieta for around $125, rather than $200 in the US – and are very useful for maintaining your laser whitened smile for years to come.

How do I book an appointment?

Book online, use our free phone number, e-mail us or talk to us via our online chat. It's easy to find your dentist, compare prices, view clinic photos and make incredible savings on teeth whitening in Agua Prieta with Dental Departures. We guarantee the lowest prices in Agua Prieta - so take advantage and get yourself a brighter smile with us.

(Image by: John Morgan)