Whitening in Dubai

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Dubai

Last fact-checked: 14 October 2020

Get a gorgeous, gleaming smile with teeth whitening in Dubai. Undergoing laser teeth whitening or obtaining an at-home whitening kit from the dentist can transform your smile—and with Dental Departures’ quality-checked dentists, you can rely on great quality.

Your smile can be your best asset. For better or worse, it is one of the first things other people notice about you—so make it memorable for all the right reasons. A white smile looks great, gives you a more youthful appearance and, above all, improves confidence. That’s a lot of positives for a little effort!

Am I A Suitable Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

● With the proliferation of teeth whitening treatments available, it’s hard not to think of teeth whitening as purely a cosmetic treatment—which, of course, it is. However, it is also a medical treatment—and all methods use active ingredients that can harm your teeth and gums if they are not used with caution. A good dentist will advise you accordingly but you should always do your own research, paying attention to the pros, cons and safety tips for teeth whitening.

● Not all stains on your teeth are equal and whitening does not work for scenarios. As we age, the outer layer of enamel thins, exposing the yellowish dentin beneath, which in turn gives our teeth that yellow tinge. Also, food and drink that stain your clothes are also likely to stain your teeth. On the other hand, teeth that have been stained with antibiotics, which have a greyish appearance, will not be affected by teeth whitening treatments; the only solution for this is dental veneers.

● Any teeth whitening treatment requires you to have good oral health with no signs of tooth decay or active gum disease. Teeth whitening treatments may cause permanent damage to unhealthy teeth or gums, leading to increased sensitivity or pain.

Is Laser Teeth Whitening a Good Treatment for Dental Tourists?

Laser teeth whitening is a great option for dental tourists because it’s a quick (less than a couple of hours); virtually painless (although some people do suffer from increased sensitivity for a few days); there is no downtime (you can carry on with your normal activities afterward) and it’s extremely effective (teeth may be whitened by up to 14 shades).

What About Take-Home Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Think of at-home whitening kits as a more gentle approach to whitening. In most cases, they will make a noticeable difference to your smile, but only by a few shades. The beauty of the at-home kits is that you are in control of the process, and can stop the treatment once you have reached the degree of whitening you desire. You can also top-up your white smile by obtaining more bleaching gel from your dentist back home.

What is the Procedure for Teeth Whitening? How Long Will it Take?

Laser Teeth Whitening:

The laser teeth whitening procedure typically takes around an hour. The dentist first cleans your teeth to remove stains and tartar. A rubber dam is placed around your teeth to protect your gums and soft tissues from the bleaching gel and you will be given protective glasses to shield your eyes from the laser.

Depending on what laser teeth whitening system your dentist uses, the gel may be applied just once, or several times. After each application of the gel, the laser is used to activate the bleaching agents and the gel is left on the teeth for the required time. Once the time has elapsed, the gel is removed and this continues until the final application when the dentist removes the gel and cleans the teeth thoroughly.

At-Home Whitening Kits:

You will need two appointments at the dentist in Dubai to obtain your new at-home whitening kit. At the first visit, you’ll have impressions taken of your teeth, which are sent to a laboratory where the custom-fit trays are made for your teeth.

Once your dentist receives them from the lab, you can return to the dentist for a demonstration of how the system works and pick up the whitening gel. Typically, the DIY-treatment takes two weeks and entails filling the trays with gel and wearing them overnight.

What About the Quality of Teeth Whitening in Dubai?

The quality of private dental clinics in Dubai is, as you would expect, exceptionally good. There has been a huge investment in the city in dental and medical tourism facilities with modern premises, the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and well-qualified dentists providing services that are second-to-none.

Dubai’s infrastructure as a thriving tourist destination ensures that patients have everything they need within easy reach, allowing them to seamlessly combine a holiday with their dental care.

Why Book with Dental Departures?

Receiving dental care overseas is, understandably, something that could be a worry. You may have no idea about where to start looking for reputable clinics and little in the way of recommendations from trustworthy sources, such as friends, family or neighbours.

This is where Dental Departures steps in. We have feet on the ground and have been connecting dental providers with international patients for years. All of the facilities listed with us have been pre-screened; we simply don’t include them on our website if there are any misgivings.

Our background checks include legal/criminal records; confirming dentist qualifications; verifying professional memberships and carrying out onsite visits. Real patient reviews, clinic photos, location maps and prices are included in each listing so you can make an informed decision as to which facility is right for you.

Top-rated clinics for teeth whitening in Dubai include:

Micris Dental Clinic

SameDay Dental Implants

American Medical Dental Center Dubai

● NOA Dental Clinic

What Does Laser Teeth Whitening Cost in Dubai?

The table below compares teeth whitening prices in Dubai compared to your home country:


UK £



NZ $

US $

Laser Teeth whitening price – home






Laser Teeth whitening price – UAE






( Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment).


Booking an Appointment for Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Book an appointment online for teeth whitening in Dubai. Our Customer Care Team are on hand 24/7 if you’ve any questions or want to inquire about our other services, including hotel booking, finance and insurance.


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