Whitening in Vietnam

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Vietnam

Spruce up your smile with teeth whitening in Vietnam, and save more than 70% on the prices you’d pay at home. For not much more than the cost of a spa treatment in Australia, treat yourself to a quick and easy smile makeover with one of our quality-checked dentists.

You don’t have to have major dental work to be a dental tourist. In fact, many people have teeth whitening treatments and other quick dental procedures while on holiday because it’s actually more convenient - plus they are saving money.

Vietnam’s dramatic landscapes, its people, cuisine and energy is as bustling as it is serene, and as exhilarating as it is tranquil. Similarly, it is both modern and ancient and offers visitors a smorgasbord of locations and activities for a holiday that stimulates and relaxes.

Why have Teeth Whitening in Vietnam?

Over time, our teeth become discolored with tobacco, food and drinks. This yellowness is not only aging but it may diminish confidence if you are embarrassed to smile. Bringing the true whiteness back to your teeth will not only make you look more youthful, but may restore that self-confidence you’ve been missing.

Dentists in Vietnam have access to exactly the same technologies that your dentist at home does. This includes all the major laser teeth whitening systems, such as Zoom! and Brite Smile. It is purely a matter of personal preference which system your dentist uses, and although the treatments differ slightly, they are all as equally effective for whitening your teeth. 

Clinics are hygienic, and generally conform to internatonal healthy and safety protocols, such as the International Standards Organization's.

Finding a good quality dentist in Vietnam is easy with dental departures. We background-check all our dentists, visit clinics and list qualifications, real patient reviews and publish high-definition clinic photographs. We only work with dentists we would go to ourselves, so you are always assured of good standards and quality you can trust when you book with Dental Departures.

How long does Teeth Whitening take in Vietnam?

Laser Teeth Whitening only takes a couple of hours to change your smile dramatically. Before the procedure starts the dentist will remove any stubborn stains and tartar with a thorough clean, and using a shade chart will show you your teeth’s current shade.

Your mouth will be prepared so that the soft tissues are covered and the bleaching gel is only in contact with your teeth. Once the bleaching gel is applied, it is then activated by the laser. You will also be provided with goggles to protect your eyes from the laser. In total, the gel and laser will applied three times, with a 15 minute wait between each application. After the last application, the dentist will clean your teeth again to remove all traces of the gel. The results are immediately noticeable, and using the shade chart again, your dentist will show you how many shades lighter your teeth have gone.

Professional Home Whitening Kits can be used to achieve a more subtle result at home. You will need two visits to the dentist – the first appointment to have molds of your teeth taken, which are then sent to the lab to make the trays which are custom-fit for your mouth. A few days later you can return to your dentist to pick them up, along with the whitening gel. Over a period of weeks you apply the gel to the trays and put them in your mouth (usually overnight), to gently whiten your teeth. Many people who have had laser teeth whitening also use the home whitening kits to maintain the effect.

What is the cost of Teeth Whitening in Vietnam compared to Australia and New Zealand?

The cost of laser teeth whitening in Australia is approximately AUD $769, compared to around AUD $190 in Vietnam. Home whitening kits are around AUD $100 in Vietnam, compared to AUD $350 in Australia.

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