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Root Canal in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Mexicali

If you thought you couldn't afford root canal treatment at home - think again. Find and book one of our quality-checked dentists in Mexicali for around 80% less than you'd pay at home.

That's a big saving and we guarantee, not only the lowest prices available, but that your treatment will be as good a standard as it as at home.

Root canal treatment may be necessary when a tooth nerve is infected or damaged as a result of tooth cavities or cracks. It is a specialized and expensive procedure which can be undertaken by dentists in Mexicali for a much better price than comparable treatment by dentists in North America.

Depending on whether you have an infection or not, root canal treatments vary in the length of time they take to complete. Mexicali’s location on the US border with Calexico means it is fairly easy to travel to from the United States and Canada, either by air or road. So, if you need to make multiple day-trips it is still relatively convenient and affordable to have your treatment carried out here. If you decide to stay over and have a vacation, Mexicaliis blessed with a warm climate, and many things to do and see to keep you occupied in between your dental visits. Like any modern city, it has extensive shopping facilities, restaurants, bars and clubs with a wide variety of hotels and prices to suit all budgets.

Why have Root Canals in Mexicali?

Root canal treatment should be undertaken by a dentist experienced in endodontics. Using our website it is easy to find dentists in Mexicali specializing in root canals, or any other area of dentistry, so you know you will be in safe and experienced hands.

Furthermore, many of dentists in Mexicali have professional certification with the American Dental Association (ADA) as well as with the Mexican Dental Association (ADM), which means they undergo continuous training throughout their career, having to apply for recertification on a regular basis and ensuring they are kept up-to-date with the latest best practices.

Perhaps most importantly, root canal treatment in Mexicali is only around a third of the cost it is in North America. This could be very important if it means that you can save your tooth, rather than having to have it extracted and have it replaced with more expensive treatments such as dentures or implants.

How long do Root Canal Treatments take in Mexicali?

Root canal treatments can very, depending on whether an infection needs to be cleared up first, and also whether you are having just root canal treatment or root canal treatment plus a crown restoration.

Just a root canal alone can probably be finished in one or two appointments. If there is an infection to clear up then a course of antibiotics will be required, and treatment won’t be able to commence until 10 days after the antibiotics have started.

Once the root canal treatment is completed the process for fitting the restoration can begin. Impressions will be made of your teeth and sent to a laboratory to make the crown. After a few days your dentist will receive the crown and you will need to go back to have it fitted.

In all, for a simple root canal with no infection it may take around a week to complete, including post-core and crown. If there has been an infection it may take around two.

What is the cost comparison of Root Canals in Mexicali to the US and Canada?

Root canal prices are based on a number of aspects, including the size of the tooth – back teeth (molars) are more expensive than a front tooth. In theUSa root canal only will cost around $1,280, compared to a dentist inMexicaliwhich is around $200. For a root canal including post/core and standard crown US prices are around $2,200, but only $540 in Mexicali.

Traveling to Mexicali for root canal treatment is a huge benefit, not just to your dental health but also to your bank balance.

How to book Root Canals in Mexicali

Book your root canals in Mexicali online with Dental Departures. You can also speak to us online, use our free phone number or send us an e-mail. We will happily talk you through the process and help you find a quality-checked dentist for your root canals in Mexicali. Book with us to find a trustworthy dentist and best prices - guaranteed. 

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