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Fillings in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Phuket Province

Are you ignoring your cavities?  Have your dental fillings in Phuket and save hundreds!

Neglecting your dental fillings can cause long term problems.  Left untreated, simple cavities can lead to infection, require root canal treatment if left for too long, or even cause the whole tooth to fail.

Whether you are a budget traveler, backpacker, or are splurging for a luxurious holiday, why not save hundreds on your fillings in Phuket while you visit?

The largest island in Thailand, Phuket is situated just off the Southwest Coast in the Indian Ocean. Its incredible scenery, friendly people and relaxed style has long made it a popular tourist destination. Phuket has something to offer everybody, from laid-back and stress-free, to loud and in-your-face partying, with everything in between.

Phuket’s airport receives international flights daily and is particularly accessible for Australians and New Zealanders. It has also become a destination of choice for those wishing to undertake dental treatment at much reduced prices.

Clinics here are modern, equipped with the latest facilities, and treatment is of a very high standard. Whether you require specialist dental care such as dental implants, or more general dentistry needs, such as fillings, you can be sure to receive expert dental care here.

Why have fillings in Phuket?

Easy!  Save hundreded of dollars.  The difference in price between fillings in Phuket and back home is substantial.  If you need 5 or 6 fillings, the difference in price could even be enough to cover the cost of your airfare.  In just a short office visit, you can save money and use it to pay for your hotel, airfare, or pocket the savings.

Phuket is a stunning island. Azure waters surround gorgeous white beaches and incredible limestone cliffs. A tropical paradise, there is plenty to see and explore here.

Accommodation to suit all budgets is widely available, from five-star spa resorts to cheap and cheerful backpacker hostels. Nightlife is plentiful and varied, with countless bars and restaurants catering for all tastes and pockets. Away from the hustle and bustle, there are also ample opportunities to relax and unwind.

The cost-benefits of having dental fillings in Phuket to residents of Australia and New Zealand is one of the major draws. Substantially reduced prices do not mean any compromise on the quality or standards of care received, as many happy international patients can already attest to. The facilities here are excellent and the dentists here as qualified as any others in the world.

What is the car the cost comparison of fillings in Phuket to Australia and New Zealand?

Composite fillings cost around $200 AUD to $420 AUD per tooth in Australia. 

In comparison, the costs of composite dental fillings in Phuket start from $24 AUD.

With the incredible cost benefits of having your fillings in Phuket, it is definitely worth considering combining your dental treatment with a holiday to this fabulous island.

How long do fillings take in Phuket?

If a tooth becomes damaged by decay, fillings are usually required. It is an easy procedure, whereby any decayed material will be removed by your dentist from the tooth and the cavity filled to prevent bacteria entering, thus preventing further decay. Treatments can usually be completed in a matter of minutes.

The procedure involves your dentist injecting the area around the affected tooth to numb the area. The areas of decay will be removed by drilling out the tooth. After thoroughly cleaning the tooth, the dentist will use appropriate filling material to fill the cavity. A number of materials are used to make fillings including gold, composite, resin and porcelain. Your dentist will decide with you the best option for your particular circumstances.

Once the chosen filling material has been applied to the tooth and hardened, your dentist will file down the surface of the filling until the correct size is achieved.

How do I book?

It's simple - find a dentist with us, compare prices and book online. No matter how big or how small your dental procedure is our overseas experts are here to help. Next time you visit Thailand book an appointment for your dental fillings in Phuket with Dental Departures and save hundreds.

Check out the cost of fillings in Phuket here!

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How do I book?

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