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The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Phuket

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Fillings in Phuket Town

Find a quality-checked dentist for routine or emergency dental fillings in Phuket Town with Dental Departures. Book an appointment online or call us toll-free.

How much are dental fillings in Phuket Town compared with Australia and New Zealand?

Composite white fillings are one of the most popular materials these days for dental fillings, costing around AUD $150 in Australia, but less than AUD $20 in Phuket Town.

Of course, there are a number of different materials that can be used for fillings, including gold, porcelain and the out-of-style amalgam and the material used will ultimately affect the cost.

Composite white fillings are quite popular, and while they are not as hard-wearing as porcelain, they are less expensive, and certainly do the job from an esthetic point-of-view.

Anyone considering having amalgam fillings replaced, either for esthetic reasons, or for health reasons, may be interested at the price differences between having it done at home, or in Phuket – it could amount to a significant saving in Phuket Town.

How long do dental fillings take in Phuket Town?

An easy procedure, the vast majority of dental fillings can be completed in less than an hour.

The procedure is carried out under a local anesthetic and the dentist will wait until you area around your tooth is numb before starting to drill out the decayed areas of the tooth. Once the decay is removed, the cavity will be cleaned before being packed with the filling material. After several minutes, once the material has hardened, your dentist will file and shape the tooth until you are both happy with the feel of it.

Why have dental fillings in Phuket Town?

If you are already holidaying or visiting Phuket Town it would seem folly not to take an hour or two out of your schedule and have your dental fillings done for a fraction of the price you’d pay at home. It’s probably not something you want to really think about doing on your holiday, but it will be well worth it to keep your dental health in optimal shape.

If you are worried about the quality of materials, there is no need. Thailand’s dentists have been treating international patients for many years and offer a professional and high-quality service. Materials available here are exactly the same grade and quality that your dentist would use at home – the only difference is the price.

Our dentists in Phuket Town are quality-checked and you can see details of their qualifications and experience on our website, alongside patient reviews and clinic photos.

All of our dentists offer warranties, or guarantees, on the procedure they perform, as well as any materials used, something that is rarely offered by dentists at home.

Can I book online for my dental fillings in Phuket Town?

Yes - book your appointment online, call our toll-free number, drop us an e-mail or use our online chat. If you have any questions about dental fillings in Patong Beach, or any other dental care, don’t hesitate to get in touch. At Dental Departures we offer quality-checked dentists at the lowest prices available – guaranteed.

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