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The Ultimate Guide to Dentists in Tijuana

Choose and book a quality-checked dentist in Tijuana with Dental Departures, and save up to 80% compared to prices at home.

Located on the US border just south of San Diego, Tijuana is easily accessible to Americans who are in need of professional, modern, and affordable dental services.  Thousands of patients make the journey every year in order to take advantage of excellent prices for quality dental and medical care.  There are plenty of clinics specializing in every type of dental care that you need.  Our quality screened and background checked dental clinics in Tijuana can provide you with outstanding dental care for at a price you can afford.

Is the quality of care the same as back home?

The quality of care in Tijuana is certainly up to the standards you would expect at home.  Dental Departures has checked and researched all of our clinics meticulously.  Our background checks ensure that only dentists offering superior quality dental treatment are featured on our site.  Thousands of patients from the US and Canada visit our clinics every year, and our offices take great pride in their services.  You can read our patients reviews and compare prices on each clinic page and we guarantee you low prices with every office listed on Dental Departures.

Why Tijuana?

The simple fact is that dental prices in Tijuana are much lower than those at home for the same quality of care.  Furthermore, the care and treatment you will receive is excellent.  For example, a single dental crown average about $1,200 in the US, and same exact type of crown will cost about $300 in Tijuana.  In fact, many patients can afford much better materials and quality of services in Tijuana than they could at home. 

Is it safe?

Yes!  Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative media coverage about the safety of visiting Mexico - this media converage is vastly misrepresentative of the reality of visiting the country.  For the vast majority of people who are going about their daily business, it is no more dangerous than any other city in the world.  The Tijiuana border crossing is the most heavily trafficked border crossing in the world, and tens of thousands of people travel back and forth from the US every day without incident.  Further, your time would be spent in the dental office, at the border crossing, and in a taxi or shuttle: you will be quite safe at all times.


What happens if something goes wrong? Do dentists in Tijuana have warranties?

The large number of dental clinics in Tijuana ensures that it is a competitive market. This ensures that prices are not only kept low, but also that the standards of treatment remain high. For your peace of mind, in the improbable event that there is a problem with any aspect of your treatment, warranties are offered, not just for the actual procedure, but also for any lab work. You can be confident that Dental Departures works with you, and we will be your advocate to resolve any issues on your behalf. Due to the nature of our stringent background checks, it is worth bearing in mind that less than 0.5% of patients experience any issue with their lab work or treatments – a tiny minority.  Dental care is by nature, not perfect, and if you have any issues, we will help you to resolve them.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

No. The majority of dentists in Tijuana speak excellent English, and fluent English speaking staff members are on hand to make sure that you have any questions addressed.

What payment methods are accepted in Tijuana?

Most clinics accept cash and all major credit cards.

Will a dentist in Tijuana accept my US or Canadian dental insurance:

Some clinics do accept insurance; inquire with us as to which clinics can do so.  However, most clinics in Tijuana are not able to bill your insurance company directly, but it is likely that you will be eligible to have the fees for your care reimbursed upon your return home. You will need to check with your dental insurance company before you book your dental treatment to see if they reimburse fees for out-of-network care. If they do, there may be documents you will need to take with you.

What should I know about visiting Tijuana? Is there anything to be concerned about?

Border wait times at the San Ysidro border can be very long during peak commute hours. There are number of options to beat the queues. One is to get a ‘FastPass’, which enables you to cut the queues. These are obtainable from many hotels and restaurants who acquire them for their customers, and it is worth enquiring when you book your hotel if they have fast passes available. Another way is to park your car on the US side of the border and walk across. There are plenty of taxis at the other side who will take you on the 5-10 minute ride to the office.

In Tijuana, sedation is not used as commonly as it is in the US and Canada. Of course, local anesthesia is used when required for all treatments, but for patients requiring sedation it is important to find a clinic that will offer this. If you require anxiety medication, such as Valium, you will need to request it prior to your appointment. Full sedation requires the services of a licensed anesthesiologist, and selected clinics can provide you with this upon request. The cost will be around $400-$600. 

Getting around Tijuana


There are numerous taxis right over the border that can easily take you to the dental clinic.  Bring the clinic map, address, and phone number for the driver.  


US car insurance companies don’t usually over cover your vehicle in Mexico, although some do provide coverage within the first few miles of the border. If you are planning to drive, obtaining Mexican car insurance is highly recommended. 

Fastrack Medical Services Pass

This is a program for quick access and return to the US once you cross back with your car. in the San Ysidro port of entry for patients of medical and hospital services in Tijuana.  You will be able to have access to a special lane for your return to the US at the crossing to avoid long wait times.  Some offices can provide you with this pass to make your return the US quick and easy!

Distance to Tijuana dentists from airports and other major metropolitan areas:

San Diego to Tijuana: 16 miles (27 km), 22 minutes
Los Angeles to Tijuana: 134 miles (218 km), 2.5 hours
Palm Springs to Tijuana: 137 miles (221 km), 2.5 hours
Yuma to Tijuana, 182 miles (294 km), 3 hours
Las Vegas to Tijuana341 miles (548 km), 5.5 hours
Phoenix to Tijuana: 354 miles (595 km), 6 hours 

How to book dentists in Tijuana

Book online or use our Toll-Free number to book an appointment with our of our quality-checked Tijuana dentists. Find your dentist, compare prices, view clinic photos, take a virtual tour and discover our exclusive discounts. Book with us and get a reliable dentist at the best prices - guaranteed.

How do I book?

This article is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to be dental advice or instructions for dental diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your dentist or a qualified dental professional before starting or changing dental treatment.

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