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Root Canal in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Tijuana

Why overpay your local dentist when you can visit a highly qualified endodontist in Tijuana and have your root canal done at 70% savings?

What is the cost comparison of root canals in Tijuana to the US and Canada?

In the US the cost for a root canal on a front tooth costs around $500. A molar, however, costs around $900. A build-up and dental crown would not be included in the fee and this ranges from $1,000 - $1,500. The total cost of root canal treatment in the US could cost as much as $2,500.

In Tijuana, treatment costs start from $225 without a crown, and around $525 complete with crown.

One of our most recommended endodontists in Tijuana is Dr. Elisa Meza from Dental Spaña; she can take excellent care of you!

If you are thinking about having root canal treatment, Tijuana should be high up on your list for cost and convenience alone. Choosing a specialist dentist who will undertake your treatment will be your most difficult choice, which is where we at Dental Departures will be able to help you.

Tijuana, Mexico shares a 24 kilometre-long border with San Diego, USA. More than fifty million people cross the border between these two cities annually, making it the most visited border city in the world. US citizens have been visiting Tijuana for many years, attracted by its low prices and its convenient location to the US. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico, with an estimated 80,000 people choosing to move here each year. The City reflects its growing cosmopolitan population and there are established communities here, not just from Mexico and the US, but also from South America and Asia.

Many national and international companies have also made bases here, underlining Tijuana's growing importance to Mexico's economy. Tijuana is a modern, affluent city and has a lot to offer visitors.

Dental clinics here have a reputation for excellence. Part of Tijuana's appeal for US and Canadian tourists is the inexpensive dental and medical care here compared to the costs back home. Thousands of people make the journey each year for general dental care, such as fillings, but also for more specialist treatment, such as root canals.

Why have Root Canals in Tijuana?

Root canal treatment resolves problems in the soft core of the tooth, known as the root or dental pulp. Damage to this soft core used to result, very often, in the loss of the tooth. With modern dental techniques, root canal treatment allows the dentist to treat problems without having to remove the tooth.

Tijuana's dental clinics are modern and contain all the same standards of equipment you would expect to find in any state-of-the-art clinics throughout the world. The dentists here receive the same training as their US and Canadian counterparts, indeed many have trained in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Another over-riding reason to have root canals in Tijuana is that it is far less expensive than in the US and Canada. This, combined with its close proximity to the US makes it an ideal place for a short, or series of short visits. Flights are available to Tijuana's airport, or to San Diego airport, which is only a half-hour drive away. Accommodation is readily available on both sides of the border, and the border crossing is a straightforward procedure.

How long does root canal treatment take in Tijuana?

Root canal treatment varies, depending on whether you have an abscess, and how extensive the damage is. It usually takes between one and three visits.

On the first visit, x-rays will be taken to assess the extent of the damaged or diseased pulp. After that, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic and drill into the tooth to remove the diseased pulp. One the pulp has been removed, the chamber and root canal and cleaned thoroughly, and to prevent debris entering the tooth and causing infection, it is filled with a flexible plastic material. A temporary filling is then put on top. This is to ensure that should there be any sign of infection the chamber can be accessed easily. After a few days, on your next visit, a permanent filling, or crown is then fitted.

With excellent oral hygiene and regular check-ups, root canal treatment can last a lifetime.

How do I book root canals in Tijuana?

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