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Where can patients get a good procedure for all on 6? Hungary has the skills and great prices.

Hungary, one of the most remarkable tourist destinations, is attracting more and more patients seeking cheap dental care. Among the most popular procedures that patients are demanding is all on 6. Hungary sees this kind of technique as a treatment that was avoided by patients due to the cost factor. Offering great price reductions has seen the international demand reaching an all-time high in the number of international patients visiting the country.

All-on-6 dental procedures involve the creation of an alternative solution to traditional dentures or removable implant dentures. The procedure provides a long-term remedy to the problem of missing teeth. Missing teeth will be replaced by ‘six’ dental implants, thus the name of ‘all-on-6’. This treatment follows three basic steps, namely assessment, treatment day and permanent restoration.


This table highlights the astronomical price difference between Hungary and other countries.



UK £





£ 22,000.00

€ 25,000.00

$ 27,000.00


£ 2,590.00

€ 2,902.00

$ 3,379.00







Dental Departures will assist you in finding and booking your desired dentists or clinics. Here’s some of our quality-checked clinics in Hungary:

Access Smile Dental Clinic provides excellent dental services guided by their mission of taking good care of the whole patient. They offer first class dental care through highly qualified specialists who specialize in various treatments such as full Porcelain/Ceramic Crown, Panoramic X-Rays diagnostics, Implant Procedures and Root canal.

Flydent Fogaszati Kft recommends the best course of treatments to meet the expectations of the patient with regard to restoring their magnificent smile. Flydent offers a range of treatment such as aesthetic dentistry, implants, cosmetic treatments and periodontics. These quality services are performed by well-trained dentists.

TriDent Budapest Cosmetic & Family Dentistry remains a top facility fulfilling its mission of providing excellent dental care to their patients. This clinic is a state-of-the-art facility operated by a fully qualified and dedicated team offers nothing but the best services to their patients. Their wide range of treatments includes implants, radiosurgery, crowns and bridges.

Batorfi Dental Clinic opened its doors welcoming all its potential patients and their dental concerns. Their objective is to revive the beautiful smile their patience once had. In order to do this, they offer a wide range of quality dental procedures. Batorfi Dental Clinic continues to enjoy its reputation as one of the leading dental implantology clinics in Budapest.

If you are looking for a fast quality dental health treatment then nothing beats Fedasz Dental Clinic . It is known for its fast-delivery procedures to patients who are at the same comfortable staying in a relaxing environment. This clinic offers outstanding services and dental procedures that include composite filling, full porcelain ceramic crowns, panoramic x-ray diagnostics, implant supported overdenture and removable (with 6 implants). They value their patients’ concerns and nothing is more important than attaining the highest quality treatment to meet such demands.

It is very essential to check the quality of service a clinic has to offer especially those offering dental procedures like all on 6. Hungary dental clinics are fully-certified and excellent quality service providers. Explore Hungary and its low cost dental procedures today!

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