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There is more than one destination in Mexico where you can get your dental crowns. Rocky Point, a historical city located at the US border with Arizona, is a great destination with several options for excellent dental care. If you’re interested in getting your dental crowns from the best crowns dentists in Rocky Point, then this article is for you!

Where is Rocky Point?

Locally known as Puerto Peñasco, Rocky Point is a Mexican city located in the northwest of Sonora, about 100 km away from the US border with Arizona. The city is popular for its unique resorts, and also as a fishing hub; and is commonly called “Arizona Beach”. Because of its history, the city is a popular touristic destination, and in addition to fishing, travelers to Rocky Point often enjoy beach activities, boat cruises and tours, hiking, shopping and tequila tasting!

Why Go to Rocky Point for Dental Crowns?

There are many reasons why Dental Departures patients travel to Rocky Point to get their dental crowns. Apart from the fact that there is a lot to do during your spare time, Rocky Point is also easily accessible from the US - Arizona border. More, the price of dental procedures, including dental crowns, is considerably cheaper than what is currently being offered in the USA and Canada. On average, Dental Departures patients save 57% on their crowns price list. Finally, as a touristic destination, Rocky Point is safe, welcoming and affordable for all travelers.

Where Can I get Dental Crowns in Rocky Point?

Dental Esthetic Design is a new dental clinic in Rocky Point, located at Coahuila #444 D-4 at Plaza Pelicanos, Rocky Point, Sonora, 83554. The clinic has been existent for only one year, and provides comprehensive dental services ranging from everyday dental care, dental implants, veneers and crowns.

The clinic is under the leadership of Dr. Julio A Colorado, a graduate from the Mexicali University and board-certified provider in Aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Colorado is bilingual, and has 7 years of experience in the field. At this clinic, the crowns price list varies according to the type of dental crowns you opt for, but you still make major savings ranging from 50 - 80% on the price of your dental crowns.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns (standard alloy) cost, on average, USD 320 (CAD 432, GBP 250, EUR 298, AUD 424, NZD 455) which is three times cheaper than the starting prices for the same procedure if done in the USA, Canada and other countries (USD 1,000, CAD 1,350, GBP 781, EUR 932, AUD 1,326, NZD 1,422).

How Can I find out More about Dental Crowns in Rocky Point?

It is critical for you to be very informed prior to making a decision on where to get your dental crowns done. With that in mind, Dental Departures can connect you with the best crowns dentists in Rocky Point and you can discuss with them regarding your options, preferences and raise any concerns you may have. You can also check out reviews from our patients who went to Rocky Point for dental work , to find out more about their experience.

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