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How Bangkok’s dentists can transform your smile with affordable veneers

Have a smile makeover with dental veneers during your holiday! It’s the perfect time to treat yourself, and surprise everyone with a new, beautiful smile. The top-class services from Bangkok’s finest dentists will transform your smile with the innovative installation of their high-quality veneers! Don’t worry—the cost of veneers in Bangkok won’t be as money-draining as the ones from home—the dentists in Bangkok not only offer quality, but also affordability!

Where to find them, you ask? Well, read on in this crowns review! Bangkok dentists are waiting to transform your smile for you!

How will veneers from Bangkok transform my smile?

Veneers are slivers of tooth-like materials that disguise the front, exposed side of the tooth, improving the tooth’s aesthetic appearance. It hides certain problems such as stained, chipped, and uneven teeth. Veneers may be made of different materials; it can be ceramic, composite, or zirconia.

During the procedure, tooth enamel is scraped off of the tooth and impressions are made of your mouth. When you return for the second appointment, the veneers are positioned and adjusted, and then bonded onto the tooth. The flaws are gone and instead, you have a set of perfect-looking teeth from Bangkok!

Why Bangkok?

In Bangkok, you’ll find yourself immersed in a wonderland so unique from the culture you’re used to. Grand golden temples and palaces stand tall in the middle of the city, the streets, as well as the river, are always buzzing with life and commerce, and the clubs and bars dominate the vibrant nightlife. Besides these majestic attractions, Bangkok also offers the cheapest yet highest quality dental care in the entire region. If you have your dental procedures here, you’ll find that you will only spend one-third of the amount you would spend at home!

How affordable are veneers in Bangkok?

On the table below, you will be able to see the different price range of veneers. The prices shown are an average of the usual costs in US, New Zealand and Australia.







$ 250.00

$ 348.00

$ 318.00


$ 141.00

$ 196.00

$ 179.00


























$ 339.00

$ 472.00

$ 431.00







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Isn’t it wonderful? The cost of veneers in Bangkok seems so unbelievably cheap, right? It’s never been so affordable! And we guarantee you; it’s of the same high-quality as those you’d find at home—maybe even better! So book now through Dental Departures and return from Bangkok with your new transformed smile! (D)

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