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Looking for a good quality clinic in Thailand? Try the popular Dental 4U, Chiang Mai. Dental Reviews from former patients confirm it is a favorite among international clientele. They offer a full range of general and specialist dentistry at prices that can help you achieve the dental health you’ve always wanted, and the smile of your dreams.

Why Chiang Mai?

In case you didn’t know it, Chiang Mai is an ancient city in the north of the country. Surrounded by jungle and mountains, the air is cooler up here and the vibe more serene than it is in other popular Thai tourist locations, like the beaches in Phuket, or Bangkok. The city is said to be the cultural center of Thailand and it is a major tourism hub for visitors who want to explore the north.

Chiang Mai is lively, with everything tourists require from a city, like good hotels, restaurants and a decent nightlife. The historic center with its medieval walls is an attractive part of town. There are over 300 temples in the city, as well as galleries and museums, and outside town there are an array of activities for all abilities, including high adrenaline white-water rafting, or you can visit remote hill tribes and buy artisan souvenirs.


What does Dental 4U Offer?

Dental 4U delivers an extensive range of dental treatments to local and international patients. From a simple filling to a dental implant, Chiang Mai ’s premier clinic can certainly help.

The clinic is renowned for offering patients consummate dental care and convenient services. Open every day from 9 am to 8 pm, including Saturday and Sunday, they make sure that there is more than enough time available to get all your dental work completed before you have to jet off home.

The dentists at Dental 4U are committed to delivering a dental service that will surpass expectations – ensuring you are put at your ease and explaining everything in detail so you understand what is going to happen during the procedure, and are able to make an informed choice about what treatments to choose. Modern dentistry often has several different treatments that can achieve the outcome you desire, so don’t think your problem can’t be solved without great expense, because in all likelihood there will be something that can be done to suit. Dental 4U has favorable reviews from its patients, and is a Dental Departures’ Global Patient Choice Winner .

What about Dental 4U reviews from former patients?

Dental 4Us patients are very satisfied with their services:

Ruth from Tauranga, New Zealand – Feb 2017
“I had extensive work done and so thrilled to have my full smile back. The doctors and team at Dental 4U were very caring and have done a great job. Have had may enquiries about getting work done in Chiang Mai and have highly recommended them”

And this from Roger, Michigan, USA – Feb 2017
“Second year I a row with Dr Kassaree. I hope to make it next year. Excellent, professional service at a great price.”

If you’re looking for great quality dentists in Chiang Mai then you won’t go far wrong choosing Dental 4U. Get in touch with Dental Departures to arrange an appointment, or speak to Customer Care if you’ve any questions.

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