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Top 5 clinics with affordable a dental veneers price. Matamoros is the right place to visit.

Mexico is not all about the beaches and scenic routes; it is also home to affordable dental care. Whether patients have insurance or not, they can still have their treatments done in Mexico especially in Matamoros. Dental tourism in Matamoros is gaining popularity with international patients. Patients who want to restore or hide that crooked teeth needs an affordable dental veneers price. Matamoros is the perfect place to visit for international patients looking for the best price out there.

At Dental Departures help international patients make well-informed decisions when booking their appointment overseas. We can guarantee that the prices we give are budget-friendly prices for everyone. We will match the prices that patients find on the internet so that they’ll have more options available for them.

Here is a sample dental veneers price list in Matamoros, Mexico compared to international prices.








$ 1,245.00

$ 1,599.00

$ 1,623.00


$ 477.00

$ 608.00

$ 620.00







The prices displayed are the prices international patients would pay when they have the procedure done Matamoros. Clearly, with about 62% to save on the procedure, international patients can properly budget their stay away from home without worrying about being short on funds.

There are so many clinics around Matamoros that offer dental veneers as part of their service. In order to avoid going to the wrong clinic, we have an extensive list of clinics that we have thoroughly verified from its doctors to facilities. Here are some well-known dental clinics around Matamoros:

The Especialidades Dentales Matamoros clinic has been serving patients with a full range of dental care services for over 18 years. The clinic focuses on giving minimal invasive dentistry consisting of diagnosis, prevention and treatment.


Next, the Jessica Del Carmen Rodriguez Arrona clinic has been continuously providing both local and international patients with dental care for more than 17 years. The clinic promises to transform every patient’s smile at a price that they can afford using only the latest techniques and modern technology.

The Professional Dental Care Clinic offers full-service dental care to international and local patients. They use state-of-the-art 3D scanning to accurately diagnose oral problems and customize each treatment.

Another notable clinic around Matamoros is the UNIMEDIC clinic that carefully customizes the treatment for each patient by taking into consideration their lifestyle, preferences and budget. Their procedures include general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry.

Lastly, the Ania Rodriguez Arrona clinic was established in 2000 and they mainly cater to younger patients. The clinic aims to make their young patients have a great dental experience that will stop them from getting scared when going to the dentist.

With so many notable dental clinics around Matamoros , international patients can safely book their appointments for affordable treatment overseas. At Dental Departures ensure that everyone gets the best dental veneers price. Matamoros should be on top of the list to visit for international patients.

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