Sonia Edeza Morales – Low-cost dental care for Americans in Algodones

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Dr Sonia Edeza Morales – Low-cost dental care for North Americans in Algodones, Mexico

If you haven’t heard of Algodones, Mexico then perhaps you are one of the lucky people who hasn’t had cause to find a dentist you can afford. Thousands of people have made the trip to this small Mexican Border town from the United States and Canada for affordable dentistry – and one of the best dentists in Algodones is Dr Sonia Edeza Morales.

A graduate from the University of Baja California in the year 2000, Dr Edeza opened her own clinic in Los Algodones in 2006. From a young age, she has always wanted to be a dentist and gains immense satisfaction from helping her patients attain and maintain good dental health and beautiful smiles.

Approachable, caring and patient, Dr Edeza’s objectives is to find the best solutions to her patients’ dental issues. She believes in a patient-centered approach and is aware that building up a good and trusting relationship will help her patients achieve their goals. She is renowned for her honest, integrity and professionalism which is reflected in the high-esteem her patients place her in, the standards of her work and the fastidiously clean and hygienic facilities she works in.


Why choose Dr Sonia Edeza Morales for your dental care in Algodones?

Algodones has a wealth of dentists to choose from so you may wonder why you should choose one over another. Truth is, it is hard to decide when so many of them provide excellent services at prices that are hard to beat.

In common with other dentists in Mexico , Dr Edeza’s clinic following internationally-renowned hygiene standards as laid down by the International Organisation For Standardization . Her offices are modern, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including panoramic x-rays and 3D CT scanning, and located just moments from the Border.

The procedures offered at Dr Edeza’s clinic include a comprehensive range of general and specialist dentistry to cover most people’s oral health problems:

General Dentistry: Extractions, root canals, dentures

Restorative Dentistry: Dental procedures to fix broken or damaged teeth as well as restore missing teeth. Treatments include crowns, bridges and dentures

Cosmetic Dentistry: Treatments to improve smiles, and some that can improve smiles as well as dental health, for example white fillings. Other treatments include teeth whitening, veneers, gum contouring

Dental Implants: Standard dental implants, mini implants and bone grafts are offered at the clinic

What are the prices like at Dr Sonia Edeza Morales’ clinic?

Dr. Edeza’s prices are highly competitive, even compared to other Algodones dentists , and you can easily save 60% on the cost of most procedures, if not more.

White, composite filling in the United States cost $170 (CAD $225)

White, composite filling at Dr Sonia Edeza Morales clinic cost $50 (CAD $66)

Crown in the United States cost $1,000 (CAD $1,300)

Crown at Dr Sonia Edeza Morales’ clinic cost $165 (CAD $200)

Dental implants in the United States cost $3,900 (CAD $5,000)

Dental implants at Dr Sonia Edeza Morales clinic cost $1,050 (CAD $1,400)

Discover caring, low-cost dental care for yourself at the hands of Dr Sonia Edeza Morales in Algodones – the dental capital of Mexico.

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