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When you imagine visiting Mexico, you'll probably think of beaches, margaritas, and ancient ruins waiting to be explored on day-trips out of places like Cancun and Mexico City.

While this stereotypical image still holds true for a lot of traditional tourists, a new reason to visit this exciting Central American country has emerged over the last decade or so - and that's dental travel. 

It’s no secret that thousands of Americans flock to Mexico every day for prescriptions and medical treatments that are simply too expensive in the US. However more and more dental procedures are becoming a common cause of tourism as a result of significantly lower costs and advanced treatments available.

For something as complex as a full mouth restoration, which is essentially a tailor-made course of treatment to restore a patient's overall oral and dental health, North Americans are saving well over ten thousand dollars - with procedures often including innovative teeth replacement methods, such as an All-on-4. 

Below, we discuss some of the main advantages of visiting a verified Mexican dentist for a full mouth restoration (rather than staying local).

The Decline of Dentistry in the US

While many Americans are currently focused on the rising costs of medical insurance and premiums, not many are thinking about the ever-increasing costs of dental care. However, every year, around one in three Americans are skipping their dentist appointments because they simply cannot afford the treatments.

According to a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation, for every person without comprehensive medical insurance, there are three without dental insurance.

With routine appointment costs running up from hundreds to thousands of dollars, it should come as no surprise that many people are looking abroad to meet their dental needs.


The Rise of Low-Cost, Safe Dentistry in Mexico

So why are so many people choosing Mexico as their preferred destination for dental care? The answer is simple: high-quality care combined with low costs. Plus, the fact that the country shares a border with the States also helps when it comes to travel. 

Due to lower living expenses, operating costs, and insurance, Americans can find comparable dental procedures in Mexico that cost roughly a third or even a quarter of what they would pay at home. This applies to everything from a routine checkup to a comprehensive full mouth restoration.

For example, braces for a child in the US can cost upwards of $6,000. In Mexico, however, that child could receive the same treatment for approximately $2,000. That’s a lot of money you get to keep in your pocket.

Is Mexico Safe to Visit?

Despite the current political climate in America, and the constant stream of news reports, Mexico is a relatively safe country to travel to.

Just as you wouldn’t want to wander some of the streets of Detroit or New York City at night, the same can be said for Mexico. Many of the towns and cities in Mexico cater specifically to tourists. It is in their best interest to keep visitors safe and bring in more. Just do your research and find some of the cities and towns that are popular among tourists for dental work.

What About the Prices for a Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico?

Every year, more and more people are visiting Mexico for full mouth restoration treatments. A procedure that costs $50,000 in the US can be found for only $20,000 in Mexico. Our partner dentists in Mexico are trained professionals and see thousands of patients from the US every year.

The exact price of your full mouth restoration will depend on the nature of work required; a local dentist back home can give you an indication of what's required for a nominal fee, and we can also arrange for X-rays and other important information to be sent to your chosen dentist in Mexico so that he or she can provide an initial assessment. 

Where Are Some of the Best Clinics in Mexico for Dental Care?

One of the most popular destinations for dentistry in Mexico is the border town of Los Algodones. Here, you can find many dental clinics offering a variety of services, from root canals to teeth whitening, dentures and complex implant procedures.

Top dental clinics in Los Algodones for full mouth restorations are:

For a more familiar border city (where you'll find more than just dentists), you may want to try Tijuana. Top dentists here include:
Lastly, for those looking to combine their dental work with some time on the beach, Cancun is always a great bet. Top clinics here to get started with are:

How Do I Get Started?

For more information about full mouth restorations in Mexico, get in touch with our Customer Care Team. They can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and also give you the lowdown about the other services offered by Dental Departures, including insurance and financing. 


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