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If you’re looking for an alternative approach to conventional dental care then holistic dentistry in Thailand might be for you.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry (sometimes called biological dentistry) combines conventional modern science with traditional knowledge on natural healing, and essentially is about treating the whole of the person’s health in the context of how this could be affecting a dental problem. The primary aim of holistic dentistry is to work in harmony with your body to resolve your dental problems.

The principles behind holistic dentistry focus on the removal and avoidance of toxins from dental materials (for example mercury in amalgam fillings), proper nutrition, prevention and treatment of improper bite (dental malocclusion) and the treatment and prevention of gum (periodontal) disease.

How is Holistic Dentistry beneficial?

Traditional dental care should not be ignored, but patients who have chronic conditions which traditional dentistry does not seem to have helped may find holistic dentistry to be beneficial.

If you are at all concerned about issues such as mercury in fillings, or the use of fluoride then holistic dentistry may be an option you would like to explore.

Why have Holistic Dentistry in Thailand?

Thailand has a world-renowned reputation for providing modern and forward-thinking dental care and is quick to incorporate new and pioneering techniques. Recently, the quality of its alternative treatment centers and holistic healthcare have proven popular, and holistic dentistry in Bangkok is a natural progression to the provision of outstanding dental care that is part of the city’s DNA.

Bangkok is home to some of the most advanced dental facilities in the world, with JCI accredited hospitals and clinics, and additional facilities designed to provide patients with superior customer care. Spa facilities, boutique hotels and restaurants are some of the other services provided by some of our dental clinics.

Finding a dentist in Thailand

Dental Departures works with hundreds of dentists in Thailand and you are assured of a quality-checked service when you book with one of our verified clinics.

We make it easy for you to search for your dentist by location and/or specialty and you can see clinic photos and read real patient reviews online. We can help make your experience of dentistry in Thailand a memorable one – for all the right reasons – and we’re available to talk to via our toll-free phone number, or our online chat facility if you’d like to discuss your options.

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