How Indonesia’s Dental Veneer Prices Will Make You Smile


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If you’re planning a trip to Indonesia, whether for holiday or work, you can read about the best clinics in advance. Even if you’re already there you can quickly find the right place to get high quality veneers at amazing prices. Getting rid of unsightly chips and stains with veneers doesn’t have to be expensive or a hassle.

Finding the Best Clinics is Super Simple

It’s natural to be concerned about finding the right clinic overseas. Thanks to Dental Departures, the process is made super simple. Here you get reliable information on the top clinics in Indonesia. You can browse the listing to look at reviews, prices, photos etc. to better understand where you should call on for your dental veneers. Dentist profiles are also often available so you can make an informed decision.

To speed things up, you can just review these 3 clinics:


These are the top dental clinics for veneers in Indonesia. Feel free to contact them and ask whatever questions you have in mind about getting veneers. Since these are the best of the best, you can choose one based on factors such as which one you can reach more easily and which dentist you seem to like more. In any case, you’ll be getting high quality veneers.

As long as you find the right clinic, you can get cheap veneers in Indonesia without compromising on quality. If you’re serious about finding high quality dental veneers, review Indonesia and it’s best clinics.

Save 67% on Veneers in Indonesia

So how much are the savings that will put that lovely smile on your face? Here’s a cost comparison:

Cost of Veneers in Australia: AUD $1,623

Cost of Veneers in New Zealand: NZD $1,667

Cost of Veneers in Indonesia: AUD $528, NZD $578

Rest assured that you’re not trading dollars for health. The lower prices don’t indicate lower quality. It’s mainly the lower operating costs in Indonesia that keeps prices in check. Moreover, the lower cost of living and healthy competition among the Indonesian clinics contribute to the lower prices. It’s just a myth that dental tourism forces you to choose between quality and money. While the prices are not enough to warrant a dedicated trip to Indonesia, if you’re already there or planning a trip, you should definitely consider getting veneers before you return.

Whether they’re used because of discoloration, chips & cracks, or misaligned teeth, veneers are very effective in improving your smile. And the cheap veneers in Indonesia give you something to really smile about! So go ahead and contact the three dental clinics mentioned above and see which one you want to visit. You can head back home with a beautiful smile!

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