How Much Would Dental Implants Cost in Ho Chi Minh City?


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Dental implants are the best alternative if you have missing, decayed, damaged or broken teeth. You will be able to smile and talk with confidence because they take after the natural teeth. However, not everyone is willing to give an arm and a leg to get these smile. There are many clinics in Vietnam which offer the services at an affordable price. They include:

a) Rose Dental Clinic

The clinic offers all the dental services including teeth whitening, professional cleaning, dental implants and children dental care. Incorporation of local and international teams in planning the care process ensures that everything is done up to standard.


The protocol used at Rose Dental Clinic is up to the Western standards and inspections are done at every stage. Solo procedures have been scraped off to ensure there is a zero chance of mistakes.

Price: USD 1000

b) Elite Dental Vietnam

The clinic has been an important part of the Vietnam dental community. If you need high-quality dental services offered in a caring and gentle approach, then the right place for you is at Elite Dental Vietnam.

The cutting-edge technology at this multi-specialty dental clinic puts it above the other clinics in HCMC. The team is dedicated to offering cost-effective and excellent treatment plans to local and international patients.

Price: USD 1400

c) Serenity International Dental Clinic Ho Chi Minh City Branch

Located in the heart of Vietnam capital, Serenity International Dental Clinic has a large pool of specialists. The clinic prides itself on a solid reputation in quality care offered to the patients, the expertise depth of the specialist and state-f-the-art technology.

You can get all these without compromising your financial status.

Price: USD 1800

d) Vinh An Dental Clinic

The clinic offers many dental services including dental implants, orthodontics, pediatric and preventive dentistry. You will get personalized care in a conducive environment at Vinh An Dental Clinic . With the cutting-edge technology, you can be assured that the results will be impressive.

Price: USD 1,000.

e) Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital

Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital offers cosmetic, curative and preventive dentistry. The focus is providing comfortable treatment to the clients with the highest possible standards. This will ensure that the results will last for long.

Price: USD 1,600.

When you get quality dental implants done by professionals, they will serve you for a lifetime. The better part is that you will not have to spend a lot of money in this.

A smile can open doors for you and help in building lasting relationships. With dental implants, you can have the perfect smile you have dreamed of. You do not have to pay more for dental implants, Ho Chi Minh City.

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