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Hua Hin is a resort city in Thailand that has clinics offering teeth whitening. Hua Hin dental clinics can brighten your smile at an affordable price.

Teeth Whitening

In-office or laser teeth whitening treatment improves the color of your pearly whites 3 to eight shades lighter. The treatment is effective because you can see the results after the session. A take-home kit whitening is usually given to patients to achieve optimum results. However, some stains are not easily removed by laser teeth whitening. These stains are caused by aging, trauma, or exposure to some minerals. It is it not also recommended in children below 16 years old, pregnant, lactating women, and individuals with sensitive teeth. If you want to know if this treatment is right for you, visit a clinic in Hua Hin. The dentist will take an oral examination and asses your dental/medical condition. Upon confirmation, the dentist will cover your gums and soft tissues before applying the bleaching agent. Your dentist will give you instructions on how to maintain your teeth. It’s important to practice good oral hygiene to achieve healthy, bright teeth.

Reliable Clinics in Hua Hin

If you want to find a dental facility in Hua Hin, browse the quality-checked clinics compiled by Dental Departures. You’ll see the clinic profiles, dentists’ background, price of treatment, and other details. We performed background checks such as verification of the dentists’ qualifications, and validation of their professional affiliations. The clinics in Hua Hin offer dental tourism where they cater to patients from overseas. They assist international patients with treatment and travel.


One of the reliable clinics we verified is Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin . The facility is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI certification is a considered the gold standard in global healthcare. This means that it complies with the standards like in your home country. The dental center offers laser teeth whitening as well as other treatments such as Restorative Dentistry and Oral Surgery. It is equipped with digital x-rays, CT scan, and the latest technology in dentistry. It has a specialists in fields like Prosthodontics (teeth replacement) and Oral Surgery that provide superb dental service.

Price of Teeth Whitening in Hua Hin

The price of laser teeth whitening in Hua Hin is affordable than Australia and New Zealand. The affordability of price in Hua Hin is due to the low cost of operational expense and not because of poor quality. Here’s the table showing the estimated price of laser teeth whitening in Hua Hin compared with other countries.

Teeth Whitening: Hua Hin Dental Clinics and other countries







Price in Hua Hin

AUD $33

NZD $36

USD $25

CAD $34

GBP 20

Other countries

AUD $167

NZD $179

USD $126

CAD $170

GBP 98

Visit a clinic in Hua Hin that offers laser teeth whitening . Hua Hin dental clinics will improve your smile at a lower price. Browse our list of reliable clinics in Hua Hin and book an appointment with our Customer Service Team.

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