The need for affordable dentistry has never been greater, and so traveling abroad to get better prices is very much an option.  It doesn’t matter who you are today – times are tough, but just where is the best place for dental tourism?

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options no matter where you choose to go, and dental patients from around the world can save up to 70% just by visiting a dental clinic abroad.  Best places seem to be countries in your own continent, although why this should be so no-one really knows! The main thing is to check out these top dental destinations and see how much you can save!


Hop on a plane for treatment in a resort town like Cabo San Lucas, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta.  Or, take a short drive across the border for excellent care at a discounted price.  Most frequent visitors: Americans, Canadians.


Thailand boasts some of the largest and most modern dental hospitals in the entire world. Tens of thousands of dental tourists have been successfully treated by expert dentists in a tropical locale. Most frequent visitors:  Australians, Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders. Some of Thailands top rated clinics include Bangkok International Dental Center and Sea Smile Dental Clinic in Phuket.


Dentistry has always been more affordable in Spain.  Now, Spain’s economy is undergoing severe deflation, pushing down the price of dental care even further.  Most frequent visitors: English, Irish & Germans.


Standing at the gateway between the ancient and the modern, dental tourists have discovered the cultural gem of Turkey while receiving dental care from skilled professionals.

Czech Republic

Premier dental care for an affordable price, right in the heart of historic Prague.  Fly in to Prague on a low-cost-carrier airline for less than the price of a filling. Most frequent visitors: English, Swiss, Germans & Austrians.


The Emirates have tailored the entire city of Dubai to cater to the needs of all travelers, dental tourists included. Enjoy the lap of luxury in the middle east while saving thousands on dental care.   Most frequent visitors: Americans, Germans, Swiss, English & Austrians.


The Philippines is an exotic tropical destination with excellent dentistry for a reasonable prices.  Enjoy renowned hospitality while you receive your care.  Most frequent visitors: Americans, Canadians, Australians, Kiwis.


World class dental care just a quick plane or train ride from Western Europe and Scandinavia.  Most frequent visitors: Germans, Austrians,  English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegians.

Costa Rica

Enjoy the renowned natural beauty of Costa Rica while receiving treatment from friendly, experienced, American trained dentists.  Save money of dental care while experiencing the trip of a lifetime.   Most frequent visitors: Americans, Canadians.


Hungary is Europe’s premier destination for dental tourism, with world renowned dentists, state of the art facilities and highly skilled dentists.   Come see why patients from around the world have made Hungary the most popular European dental destination.  Most frequent visitors: English, Irish, Germans, Austrians, Americans, Danish, and French.

Other top destinations for Dental Tourism include: