Top 10 Tips for a Dental Vacation in Tijuana


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The quality and affordability of dental care brings many American to Tijuana, Mexico. If you’re planning a dental vacation in Tijuana, these tips will surely give you lots of benefits:

1. Find a reliable clinic in Tijuana

In order to help you find a reliable clinic in Tijuana, browse Dental Departures’ website. See various clinic photos, dentist profiles, schedule of clinic hours as well as real reviews from international patients. Check out the prices and get exclusive discounts!

2. Look for the best dentist in Tijuana

Look for the best dentist in Tijuana. Check their qualifications, skills, and specializations. It’s important to know that the dentists in Tijuana are on par with their counterparts in the US, Canada, and the UK, which is why they are trusted by Americans to handle their oral care. In fact, the specialist in root canal Advanced Smiles Dentistry is affiliated with the American Association of Endodontics and the European Association of Endodontics.

The dentists in Tijuana specialize in different fields such as Restorative Treatments, Endodontics (root canals), Oral Surgery, including dental implants.

Keep reading to find some of our most highly-rated dentists in Tijuana.


3. Know the types of dental services

Know the types of services offered by the clinics. Check if they provide the treatments that you need. Clinics in Tijuana offer preventive care such teeth cleaning to specialized treatment like Gum Care, Root Canal Therapy, Oral Surgery, and Cosmetic Dentistry like laser teeth whitening crowns, veneers, and dentures.

4. Check the environment

Check the facilities including the types of equipment. Dental clinics in Tijuana provide a modern, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere. The clinics utilize hi-tech equipment like CAD/CAM technology that processes same-day crowns and veneers. Advanced Smiles Dentistry uses this ultramodern equipment, which enables them to produce impressive dental restorations in a short period.

5. Talk to your dentist

During your consultation, feel free to talk to the dentist about your concerns. Their exposure in a global setting helps them to understand patients from abroad. For example, the head dentist at Dr. Dalia Dental Care has been serving patients from the USA, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and other countries for more than 30 years.

6. Compare the cost of treatment

Prices of treatment in Tijuana are lower compared to your home country. For example,

Laser Teeth Whitening in Tijuana costs around USD $150 (CAD $202, £117) compared to the US which is USD $496 (CAD $669, UK £388).

7. Choose a nice accommodation

Choose a nice accommodation that is accessible to the clinic so you can easily attend your dental appointment. Tijuana offers a variety of accommodation options ranging from budget hotels for backpackers, vacation houses to high-end hotels.

8. Taste authentic Mexican food

Savor authentic Mexican food from tacos and nachos sold in street stalls to fine dining restaurants serving local as well as international dishes.

9. Chill out in Tijuana

Chill out, enjoy sightseeing or you can even explore the Playas de Tijuana (beaches of Tijuana), which is the westernmost borough of the city.

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10. Take care of your newly restored teeth

Take care of your newly restored teeth especially when chewing sumptuous Mexican dishes. Learn more about taking care of dental implants here. 

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