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There is peace of mind in knowing that you are being served by the best service provider in the market. With the many dentists operating in Bogotá, you should be careful when choosing who to work with. Knowing the top-rated dentists will make your search for the best dental professionals easier. That is why we have compiled a list of those offering top dental work in Bogotá:

a) Dentica by Cristina Suaza 

This clinic has maintained a five-star rating after being reviewed by more than 50 patients. It is an assurance that you will not receive shoddy services at Dentica by Cristina Suaza. The clinic is located in the capital city of Colombia which makes it easily accessible by tourists and international clients.

You will get comprehensive dental services at the clinic to avoid time and resource wastage. The team is friendly, easy to approach and is keen on ensuring that your dental needs are met precisely.


b) Centro Odontologico Pinares

This dental center offers all dental care services for the whole family. International clients get to enjoy free consultations before they travel to Bogotá and get the necessary help during the recovery period. Accommodation and travel plans are made by the Centro Odontologico Pinares team.

The goal of this dental center is to make your experience great and hassle-free and ensure you enjoy the beauty of this Colombian coffee region.

c) Natural Design 

This is a dental clinic located in Bogotá which offers a wide range of dental services at attractive prices for both international and local clients. It was established seven years ago and is run by experts in the dental field. The Chief Dental Surgeon at Natural Design is Dr. Anibal Bolanos Braco who has profound expertise in dental implants.

The latest technology is used in making a diagnosis and carrying out treatment plans. Among the diagnostic equipment used here is 3D/CT scan which gives accurate diagnoses. The treatment plans are individualized because the needs of each patient are different.

d) Julio Oliver Gonzalez

This is a state-of-the-art clinic located in Cartagena, Colombia. It offers highly specialized services in smile design, orthodontics, restorations, pediatric dentistry, oral rehabilitation and dental implants. The clinic location has impressive scenic attractions that allow the patients to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries as they get dental care.

The clinic has a long-standing history of providing high-quality services in a friendly and tranquil environment. The dental team is skilled and well-experienced. This expertise combined with modern facilities and equipment contributes to high standard patient care.

e) Oralimagen

For superior dental care, you should visit Oralimagen clinic which is situated in Medellin, Colombia. The highly qualified dental specialists working in this clinic make use of advanced technology to provide superior services. Dr. Johana Osa Gomez is the General Manager as well as the Clinic Director. She is a restorative and cosmetic dentistry specialist who works with a team of internationally trained specialists.

Prices dental restorations with 4 Implants in Bogotá

Full arch restorations are one of the most common dental procedures. You will pay around USD $25,000 in the USA compared to only USD $8,950 in Bogotá.

  • The procedures will cost CAN $33,000 in Canada compared to $11,619 in Bogotá.
  • In the UK, you will have to part with £20,000 compared to £ 6,927 in Bogotá.
  • In Australia, you will be charged AUD $32,000 for the procedure but only AUD $11,783 in Bogotá.

What's Next?

The top procedure options (dental implants, crowns, root canal, veneer, fillings) are provided in all of these clinics. Visit them for top dental work in Bogotá and book with our Customer Care Team here.

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