What Are the Best Dental Clinics in Juarez, Mexico?


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Ciudad Juárez, a lively Mexican city just south of El Paso, Texas, offers a range of affordable dental services for both local and international patients looking to save potentially thousands on their dental bills. 

Our partner dentists here offer a wide range of services - from basic check-ups, teeth whitening and fillings to more complicated reconstruction work using implants; whatever you need, you'll be able to find it for less in Juarez. 

The question is: where are the best clinics to get the job done safely and effectively? 

Dental Departures carries out a number of background checks before any clinic is listed on our site; we also collate and publish real patient reviews, ranking clinics by their ratings from past patients. 

Below, we introduce some of the top dentists in Juarez together with prices, so you can get an idea of who much you'll save by heading to Mexico. 

Smile Inn

Smile Inn has been delivering first-class dental healthcare to foreign travelers for over a decade. Their dental history for former clients is second to none, making them a popular destination for those in need of dental work. Their modern clinic exudes a warm and friendly atmosphere and is equipped with the latest technologies, ensuring that patients receive the very best results possible from their treatment.

Below are some prices of the procedures Smile Inn offers:

  • Composite fillings: USD 40 | EUR 37| CAD 54 | AUD 53| NZD 57
  • Root canal therapy: USD 180 | EUR 168 | CAD 243 | AUD 239| NZD 256
  • Full denture, acrylic teeth: USD 200 | EUR 186 | CAD 270 | AUD 265| NZD 288

Western Prices:

  • Composite fillings: USD 140 | EUR 121| CAD 175 | AUD 172 | NZD 185
  • Root canal therapy: USD 1,350 | EUR 1,259 | CAD 1,822 | AUD 1,790 | NZD 1,920
  • Full denture, acrylic teeth: USD 1,800 | EUR 1,680 | CAD 2,430 | AUD 2,385 | NZD 2,560

[Note: These are average prices at the time of writing.]


Dental Solutions Juarez

Ideally located close to the US-Mexico border near El Paso, Dental Solutions Juarez’s team of highly qualified dental experts works with total dedication and professionalism to ensure that all treatments are carried out with the utmost care, something on which this dental office prides itself.

Established for well over a decade, Dental Solutions has delivered what they promise to their clients, a smile they are proud of and at a price that is hard to refuse. A dental procedure at Dental Solutions can save you upward of 70%.


DentalCare welcomes thousands of international patients every year, offering a full spectrum of dental services for up to 70% less than prices north of the border. This includes:

  • Dental implants
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Dentures (with removable partial dentures)
  • Cosmetic dentistry services (crowns, veneers and bridges made from a variety of materials)
  • Endodontic treatments (root canal)
  • Extractions
  • Bone graft and sinus augmentation
  • Mouth restorations with four or six implants

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